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Note from Hannah

Just so you all know...I've been practicing this mad face soooooooo much lately. I'm ensuring MY very own spot on next years Christmas cards!!!!!!!!

3rd Christmas

2nd Christmas

1st Christmas...post from mom

Christmas is over. I'm sure there probably should be a million pictures here of all the gifts and fun we all had but that would be way too original for my liking. We had fun. Yes - we are blessed. Pete and I have 3 beautiful and healthy girls. For this - we are beyond thankful. We are also thankful for the people who are here most to help with the everyday upbringing of the girls. I'm back to work and it's not easy to walk out the door everyday - but it sure does make the day go a lot smoother when I know the girls are being taken care of by people that love them dearly. So here's a personal thanks to my mom, Pete's mom, Donna (from Church), Jenn (a friend of mine for 20 years now) & my little brother.

Christmas is over (I said this right?). We had 3 Christmas gatherings this year. And for the most part all was well. 1st Xmas was here at home, 2nd was at Pete's parents house and the 3rd was up in MA. Thank God it's over. By no means is this post a complaint in any way. I am just putting out there that our life is crazy and when Holiday's are added to the mix of things it just makes it that much crazier. Christmas #1 and #2 were great. Things went well and the girls were still on their schedule which made things a lot easier. As a family however; we ruined Christmas #3. How can we ruin Christmas? Easily! You see...we show up, the girls cry for 3 hours straight and we leave. Now for the explanation...this might be long so get comfy...

The girls are now 10 months old. When I was home with them we would leave the house almost on a daily basis. Now that I'm back to work - I barely get home in time to get them to bed...so our outings have been drastically reduced in numbers. Not a bad thing since it's winter and we still do have to "worry" about RSV. I don't dwell on it because it's not something most people even know about...never mind actually understand the depth and consequences of it. So when we do get out of the house it's a bit overwhelming for the girls at times. Add to that a good number of people in one strange location after a long ride in the car...and you have a recipe for disaster. The icing? That would be that the girls have learned object permanence and along with that comes stranger anxiety. GREAT! So here we are - Christmas #3 and all the girls want is mommy & daddy and their own cribs to sleep in. But what we offer them is a handful of family members willing and wanting to hold them, play with them and coddle them in every which way shape and form. So how does this look to the outsider who doesn't really know how the girls are so very independant and well behaved at home? I'll tell you. It looks like we have 3 spoiled rotten little brats that want nothing to do with anybody and who are screaming their little heads off but somehow find the "off" button when mommy picks them up. And of course I pick them up because they're screaming their poor little heads off and I can't take seeing them like that! The girls have their moments and they're not angels 100% of the time. But 99.9% of the time they are. So when they have a triplet meltdown due to circumstances that are beyond their control I tend to do whatever it takes to make them feel more comfortable and most of the time that means picking them up and holding them. And if that means that to other people they "look" like little brats who only want mommy then so be it. I don't care. We left Christmas #3 with 4 of us crying...as the saying goes "If you can't beat 'em - join 'em!" and that's what I did. I felt so horrible for how they were feeling and the situation at hand that we ended up leaving and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye! Lucky for me this was family and hopefully they'll understand. I plan on making more trips up there with the girls (God only knows if we'll ever be invited back!) so that they can get to know this part of my family more. Pete and I are exhausted. Christmas is over - Thank God.

Now for the pics. Hannah has a new "camera" face. Anytime she sees the camera she makes her "mad" face. So most of the pics are going to be Hannah and her new camera face. I love it.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


We didn't think we posted enough in the 1st post so here are some more!


We're C U T E! We know cuz everyone keeps telling us. Do you know where Santa lives? IN THE NORTH POLE! We had to send him another list and that's where we sent it. He has elves that help him make his presents and reindeer that fly him through the air to make sure that all the good boys & girls get their presents on Christmas morning. You wanna know how we know all this? We're S M A R T! We get up in the middle of the night, sneak into Emmies crib and read the books that everyone gave us. But we're very quiet so we don't wake up mommy or daddy. Hehe...don't tell! We had a lot fun making out 1st Christmas card pictures - so enjoy!!!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


WHAT!?!? Why didn't anyone tell us how cool this santa guy was sooner!?!? He rocks! He gave us presents & candycanes!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! We are sooooo gonna be good cuz he said if we are - we get more presents! Mommy said we can't post the pictures of us meeting santa because we're in our x-mas dresses...and since she didn't post those pics yet (ummm...hello...what's taking so long?). Anyway - we have these new cool outfits from someone special. We even got stuffed animals to match our outfits. Way cool!!! Ok - we're off to make a list for santa. He said he's gonna make his own list and check it twice and if we make the nice list...we get what we asked for on our list! That's a lot of "lists" but you get the idea.


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

We're not quite sure who this santa guy is but there seems to be quite a stir about him. Mommy keeps saying "santa's watching ya know" and we keep trying to tell her "yeah...we know mom...everyone watches us!" So what's the big deal? We keep seeing all these lights and there's a big tree that mommy & daddy put up in the living room. Really? A tree in the house? We tried to play with a ball and you can only imagine what happened there. But sure...take away the ball and put up a tree! That makes complete sense in our little world. Hmmm..."the ball is an outside toy" (but the tree is for inside) HUH? Anyway - there are big boxes under the tree and they're wrapped in pretty paper. We want the paper. It's not too much to ask. But apparently that's off limits too. And the music! Bring back twinkle-twinkle! We liked that song!!!!!!! Tomorrow we're going to have breakfast with santa. We're going to meet him for the 1st time and we'll be able to get the inside scoop on this guy.

To be continued...


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We went to the doctor for our 9 month well-visit. Guess what? We don't need to be measured on a corrected age chart anymore! We get to use the term-baby chart! For those that don't know what this means...it means that since we were born 2 whole months before our due date the doctors use an adjusted chart to measure our growth - physical and cognitive. Right now we should be performing at the level of a 7 month old baby. But who are you kidding?!?! Do you know who we are?????? We're the LUCCO TRIPLETS! We're performing all activities and social skills at or above the expected level of a 9 month old baby. Ok - so we're not clapping and waving "bye-bye" yet...but that's only because mommy and daddy don't practice that with us. But we sure can mimic a mad face better than anyone! And you bet we can high-five mommy when she asks us to! We're all crawling, Hannah & Hailey do the army crawl and Emmie crawls like a polar bear, up on all 4's but slow and steady. We all say "ma ma" "da da" & "ba ba". We're working on saying "encyclopedia" but it's kind of hard.
Ok - here are the results of the height/weight for the 3 of us:
Hailey Rose - weighing in at 14lbs 3 oz - 3rd percentile. Height is 26.5in - 10th percentile.
Hannah Maria - weighing in at 15lbs 6.5 oz - 3rd percentile. Height 26.5in - 10th percentile.
Emily Michaela - weighing in at 18lbs 13oz - 50th percentile. Height 28.5in - 75th percentile.
Yeah - we know - Emily must have a recesive gene in the height dept. It's ok - as long as we all got the 'cute' gene it doesn't matter!
Pics are: 1st one - before we left for the doctor, 2nd is at the doctor and 3rd is home.
Enjoy! And yes...our Christmas pics are coming - just keep checking your mail!
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We woke up this morning to about an inch of snow on the ground! We didn't go out and play in it though - mommy says maybe next time when there's more. We might even make a snowman. It was a good weekend. We visited with Auntie Lucy & Alex, then Uncle Joey & Kristin came over and babysat for a little while so mommy and daddy could do some shopping. Hmmm...wonder why they didn't bring us shopping this time?


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ummm...when exactly do we get these things called teeth again? Because mommy keeps saying that we'll get them "soon" and our gums won't hurt anymore but we're confused. Soon should mean within a 24 hour period of time. And by our calculations - it's been a lot longer than that!!!

Stay tuned for videos of us fighting over the frozen teether Hailey is holding...that one's our favorite and we love to fight over it!!!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie