Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Link to the RSV pics

I can't seem to find a way to get the pics on the site (I'm at work and don't have time to figure it out). But here's a link to a GREAT post about it with pics. She says it perfectly!!!!


Yes - it's that time. RSV season is from October - April. And once again - as 'mom' I have to be vigilant about hand washing and sending people away if they're sick. I'm going to try to post some pictures of what the girls lungs look like. Remember - they were born at a mere 31 weeks and 5 days. That's a full 8 weeks premature. If you're sick - please stay home. When you visit - you will have to wash your hands (no worries...soap and a timer will be available to you!) lol. No kissing the babies!!!! They love to kiss - but germs people...GERMS! Have sick kids? Stay home please. You'll be a carrier of those germs and that's the one thing we certainly don't like to share. Please don't be offended if we decline an invitation or if we ask you not to visit. The last place I want to spend the winter season is in the PICU - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This is exactly where the girls will end up if they contract RSV. And I'll tell you this much - I read too many blogs last year about babies who never made it home. Our goal is to keep the girls healthy and happy. S0 please understand!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Blog

Pete and I are writing a new blog...but no worries - the girls will still have this one! We all know the reason you come is to see the girls!!! The new blog is here

More pics from the truck show

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

We're no fool's

But mommy is on to us. You know how we only have a 'small' vocabulary? Well that's only because when we point and grunt (groan, oooh, ahhhh or any other primal sound you can think of) we get what we want. But this weekend one of us must have slipped up and actually said something she could understand. Now when we try to get something using our language she won't give it to us. She makes us use her language. Imagine her surprise when she heard us say 'bear, bunny, milk, yes, no-no-no (this is one word), mine, yeah, help, out, up, down, Big Bird, more, all done"...and in Spanish we're saying "leche (milk), sucio (dirty), si (yes), mas (more)". Yup...looks like she's on to us.

Friday, September 18, 2009

There's no place too good...

 play a game of ring-around-the-rosie. Not even the Big E.


One of the 7 deadly sins right? I'll die from gluttony 1st - I assure you that. But today I am indeed envious. Of what you ask? What could have a mother of triplets, who feels that she owns the world when her babies simply smile at her, so envious?

My babies are here with Uncle Joey & Kristin...and not me. I would love to see their little faces when they see the clowns, the huge shark tanks, the animals - including one very BIG elephant, the 'bumpy' slide, the cotton candy, fried dough, carousel...oh the list goes on. Yes - I'm guilty of this one deadly sin today - envy.

Have fun my beautiful girls!!! Mommy knows Uncle Joey & Kristin will make sure you do ;-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We have a favorite park that we have been going to this summer - and we finally made mommy push us down the twisty slide! OMG it's so much fun! We couldn't get enough of it! And we love just running in the open field too. Oh yeah - we also ran the bases on the baseball field. Mommy is teaching us early what way to run so we can kick some major butt on the ball field.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Losing my patience

I've really been losing my patience with Emily this past week. She's become so attached to me and constantly is under my feet and whining...oh the whining. She grabs my leg and won't let go for anything, constantly wants me to hold her and what has really gotten to me is that she's been biting her sisters. Bad. Today she was very close to drawing blood on Hailey's arm...and I was right there within reach of the two of them and didn't see it coming. I was sooooo angry with Emily (when really Hailey was probably antagonizing her because that's what she does best these days). Then the kicker today that set me off was Hannah fell right before bedtime and cut her mouth - she bled forever. 3 Popsicles and a cold washcloth...still bleeding. Argh!

However; today Lucy took Hannah to the mall and I decided to take Emily & Hailey to (yes - the same) mall and met Kim there. (We left Hannah alone so she could enjoy her time with Auntie Lucy). So often when I'm out - people will say hello to me and of course I'll give the quick 'hihowareya' and keep moving. But this time - I knew the face but couldn't quite place where I knew her from. So I just kept going but a few minutes later she came up to me in one of the stores and asked me if my last name was Lucco. Hmmm...I'm thinking - stalker? No! She was my savior and angel at a time when times were so very rough when the girls had just come home from the hospital. Her name is Kathy and she was the girls home nurse that would come and weigh them twice a week. She did so much more for me than for them though. Oh if she only knew what a security blanket she was at the time!

Today though - I want you to imagine being her. She approached me...only thinking that I was who she thought I was. She couldn't be sure though...because remember - I only had 2 kids with me and the girl she was thinking of...had triplets. So we're talking and I'm telling her about the girls and then at one point she says 'oh I can't remember which one is which!' and it dawns on me that she's referring to Hailey but Hannah isn't here. So I jump in to explain how I have Emily and Hailey but Hannah is actually downstairs with a friend and doing just fine! She was genuinely happy to hear the good news and I was so happy to see her.

Which brings me to this evening after the girls went to bed. Lucy, Bryon and Alex were still here and we were talking about today and I was telling them how I ran into Kathy at the mall. Lucy says (which I hear soooo often from people) "OMG remember how little they were?" And the answer is yes. I will never ever forget - I'm crying just typing could I forget running to the NICU every night at 5:00 for weigh in just to see if my babies...any of them...had gained even 1/2 an ounce. Hailey at only 2lbs and literally transparent. Ugh...I won't ever get those memories out of my head. And I know that's the way it should be. Because times like this week - those memories are what's going to bring me back to reality and make me realize that I shouldn't be upset that Emily is clingy and wants me to hold her all the time. I need to remember that I'm damn lucky to even have her to hold.

One night I walked into the NICU and saw Hailey laying in her little incubator with her tiny sunglasses on (ok...not really sunglasses but come on - they were cute!) and the nurse told me they were going to try to take her IV out of her belly button and see if they could find one in her arm in the next day. They were hesitant because they weren't sure they could get an IV in her arm successfully but she still needed one. And the one in her bellybutton had already been there longer than it was suppose to be. That night I prayed to God to make sure that it wasn't painful for her. I prayed for Him to find a way to give me the pain instead of her (when you're in a situation like get desperate and you do things that are irrational...even praying for something like this). His answer? Yes - He would give me the pain...He reminded me that my pain came in the form of memories. Her pain - she would never remember. It was physical and she would have no memory of this. But my memories would last forever - and that is the kind of pain that never goes away. I won't ever forget how tiny they were, how much it hurt them to be born so early and what they went through. And I thank God that they won't have any memory of that pain themselves.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


What exactly do we do when the kids go to bed? Haha...well at least Pete and I are smart enough not to get caught on camera doing this...................

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


CHRISTINA AMBER MARTINEZ-SANFORD YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL! Tia says the next time she sees you YOU'RE IN TIME OUT! You come to visit for a week and this is what happens.............?????? Oh boy little girl...BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Grammie is out of the hospital and doing well....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her today! Cousin Christina left last night and we miss her already. We woke up to an empty house today and we were very very very sad about this. We told mommy that cousin Christina needs to move back to CT so we can hang out with her every single day!!! Here are some pics - we'll post more soon. Enjoy!