Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 Flags

We went on an impromptu trip to 6 Flags today.  My neighbor Monika asks us to join them (she was going with her sister, niece and son).  I figured why not...we could use a day of fun!  So we went and we did indeed have fun.   We overcame a couple speed bumps on the way and after a much needed attitude adjustment (yours truly needed it) - the day turned out quite nice.  The girls went on a few rides - their favorite being the helicopter.  We ate some fried dough and ice cream and we also hit up the water park.  That was a bit bumpy to say the least.  They all WANTED to go on the kiddie water slide.  So we went over, checked it out and decided it would be fun.  They started climbing up and got bombarded with other kids literally pushing them out of the way.  I can only do so much - and I did my best to hold out my arms and to give the girls space.  But they decided it wasn't what they wanted and all came down.  No big deal - off to something else.  But then they wanted to go back to the water slide.  I know they really wanted to try it so I'm not going to discourage them.  This time Hannah & Hailey only wanted to go.  So I help them get to the top and then grab Emily so I could walk around to catch them at the bottom.  By the time I got to the end of the slide they were both screaming.  I'm telling you the kids that were there were honestly monsters.  They were pushing and shoving, not taking turns, not waiting in line and not being nice!  (and that's NOT just the mom in me).  I'm sure it was very scary for the girls.  So I get back to the stairs and try to get them down.  Well - with 2 on the top and one of the bottom holding onto my leg for dear life this was quite complicated.  The kids around me WOULD NOT STOP CLIMBING THE STAIRS.  They kept pushing Hannah & Hailey (almost pushing them down the slide) and they wouldn't listen to me saying 'WAIT - I NEED TO HELP THEM DOWN!!!!!!'   Finally the lifeguard came over and even with the 2 of us it was hard!  I swear - this wasn't exactly fun.  The lifeguard had to SCREAM at the kids to stop climbing the stairs and then he started pulling kids off so that I could reach Hannah & Hailey.  

Now you would think I would have hugged them and loved on them and told them everything would be ok.  Reality check ladies...this is life.  And if you don't want it to pass you by - then you better start learning how to deal with it.  I said to them that not everyone is nice, not everyone is polite and sometimes we have to fight for what we want.  That's it.  I didn't give them the go ahead to start swinging next time (though I really wanted to!).  If they want to try new things - that's great!  But they're going to have to realize that it's not always easy. 

After that - we headed over to the wave pool and just hung out there for a while until it was time to go.  They loved it because there were mini waves. 

I think some days I forget how sensitive they are to mass crowds.  It has always been the case and I hope they outgrow it some day - but the truth's just them.  They really don't like crowds and they get too over stimulated.  This was a good experience for them - but when I ask them about it they are just going to keep saying 'there were too many people and I didn't like it'.  But they DID like 'it' they just didn't like the crowds!  Actually - Hailey even said on her way home "Maybe next time there won't be anyone there and we can have the whole park to ourselves!!!!"  LOL 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More fun!

I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night.  We went out for sushi and drinks...and let me tell you - I needed it!

Saturday Pete and I did the 'divide and conquer' technique so we could get some stuff done.  Then I took the girls up to cousin Christophers bday party.  It was a fun party - Christopher was LOVING all of the presents!!!!  We took our cousin Kaleigh back with us and she stayed here for a couple of nights.  What an amazing help that was!  It was like having a live-in mommy's helper for the entire weekend.  She played with them, got them dressed, read books to them, buckled them into their name it and she helped with it. 

Sunday we hung out at the mall for a while (rainy day) and then Monday (after I worked for a couple of hours) we went to Bounce U.  They all enjoyed that of course.  Then Kate came to pick Kaleigh up last night :(    I'm really going to have to steal my cousins more often.  Not just for the help either...I had a blast playing Wii with Kaleigh! 

Today the girls are catching up on some much needed sleep.  They were cranky and tired!  I put them down for naps at's now 2:00 and they're still sleeping.  I'm sure they'll wake up soon but obviously they needed the sleep. 

If I only had the energy to tackle laundry.............

Thursday, August 11, 2011