Sunday, June 29, 2008



Finally! The doctor told mommy on WEDNESDAY that I could have some cereal - I know because I was there and I heard her with my own ears. And I waited, and waited, and waited some more and when I was finally giving up thinking that cereal was just another make-believe thing...mommy and dadddy gave me some! Yippie! It was so yummy - I can't wait for more!

Emily Michaela

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to the doctor...

So I decided I needed some "mommy and me" time today. I figured I deserved it after all I went through with the shots and all yesterday. So I spiked a little fever today figuring mommy would cuddle with me all day and guess what? It totally backfired! You know what she had the nerve to do?!?! She brought me BACK TO THE DOCTOR!!! The doctor said I'm fine - just having a little reaction to the shots from yesterday (duh!!). That was scary though. That's going down in the 'very bad plan' book. Daddy cuddled with me when he got home though. But that was too close for comfort. Next time...I think I'll just give mommy a hug when I want to cuddle. I know I have to post an "all about me" blog but I'm very busy. I'll get to it soon.

Good night!!

Hailey Rose

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Post from mom

Well the girls were right. The doctors visit today was less than pleasant. But it was needed. The girls are now almost 18 weeks old. I still can't believe it. Today's visit was very important - not only for vaccines but some other things as well. Hannah and Hailey both have right feet that turn back more than they should. Not a big deal but something we'll follow up with an orthopedic doctor about. Emily's soft spot on her head is just about gone. This may or may not be a problem. An MRI will tell us more and give us the info that we need but she'll have to be put to sleep for this. Her cognitive skills are right where they should be so we're leaning towards the "not going to be a problem" side of things. We'll keep everyone posted.

On the better side of things...they are all growing and gaining weight which is sooooo great! Emily is now 12lbs 6oz, Hannah is 9lbs 8.5 oz and Hailey is 9lbs 2.5oz. That's really great news considering all 3 of them weighed less than 9lbs total at birth! They are all sleeping through the night now as well. They go to bed around 8:00 and wake up between 6:00 and 7:00. This has been going on for a whole week now and Pete and I are loving it for sure!

We must be doing something right because not only do they sleep through the night but they are GOOD BABIES! They smile and giggle and it's so cute. They can do many things and are progressing along at a good pace. Each day is exciting because I'm never sure what new thing they will do. And with 3 of them...there is always something new! We are always on the go too. If we don't go visit anyone then we go to the park or go for long walks...sometimes we do both! And no matter where we go or what we do people always tell the girls how beautiful they are and how good they are. Both of course are true.

Life is good.

Escape plan failed

We ended up at the doctor today. Let us tell you something...we are NOT HAPPY! What were you all thinking?!?! Do you know what the doctor did to us? She put 3 needles in our little legs!!! That's 3 each. Not one. Not two. THREE! Mommy and Auntie Lucy were there and they didn't even stop the doctor!!! That's it for this post today. We're not putting up a picture. That'll teach you. Next time someone better rescue us!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love it!

We love this sleeping thing. So we're still doing it...all through the night. We have our 8:00 bedtime and we sleep until 6 or 7:00 in the morning. When we wake up...we're soooo happy and full of smiles and even giggles now. Today we went for a nice long walk. Mommy and grandma took us to Dairy Queen. Oh boy...we can't wait to dig into all that ice cream!!! It just looks so yummy. Then we went to Auntie Lucy's and Uncle Louie's to hang out for a while.

Heads up on's the day trip to the doctor. We're still a little weary about this trip so we're not so sure it's going to happen. Still working on an escape plan. Hailey had a great plan last night but then we fell asleep and none of us wrote it down. We forgot about it by the time we woke up so we have to work on something new now. We're running out of time though. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yuppers. We slept through the night again last night. It's quite nice actually. We're getting in some good sleep and so is mom. And we've learned that when mom gets sleep...she's much happier and a lot more fun to play with.
On the party front...we went to 2 birthday parties this weekend and mommy didn't do a good job of pictures. She didn't get good pics of us at the 1st party and she forgot the camera at the 2nd party. It's not like she has to remember much and it's not like she's not getting enough sleep!!! Man...if you want something done right - you just have to do it yourself. We're learning that quickly. I mean - we got dressed up and everything! Oh well. We guess we can forgive her.
Oh yeah - on a side note...we overheard mommy telling someone that we have to go to the doctor on Wednesday to get "shots". She said we've had them before but we don't remember what this means. From the tone in mommy's voice it doesn't sound good. We're working on an escape plan but it's in the early stages. If anyone has any suggestions - let us know.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And again...

We like this sleeping through the night thing right now. We did it again last night! We don't have much time for the blog today because we're going to our cousin Brooke's 1st birthday party! We can't wait. We have our dresses all picked out and we're going to take baths and get all pretty. We really like this party stuff. We'll show off our pics later.


Friday, June 20, 2008

17 Weeks Today

So we're 17 weeks young today. We're getting big!!! And as a celebration...we ALL slept through the WHOLE NIGHT last night! Mommy & Daddy were soooooo happy. We went to bed and didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning. It felt good too. And so today mommy brought us to the park with Jen and Carl. We sure do love the park. We can't really do much there yet but when we're big enough we're going to take over the whole playground and we can't wait! Then we came home, took a nice long nap and when we woke up there was a big thunderstorm. We don't like thunderstorms but after the storm today we were able to see our very 1st rainbow. It was so pretty and colorful!!

Identical Twins

We love Emily...she's our baby sister and we'll always take care of her. But we want to share some pics that prove we really are identical. Mom sometimes questions it because she can tell us apart in an instant. But we truely do share a special bond. When mommy and daddy put us to bed at night they put us at opposite ends of the crib but we have our own plans.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Read comment!

Please read the comments on yesterday's blog. Our great-uncle posted the best top 10 list site we've ever seen! We even showed it to daddy so that he doesn't mess up with mommy. It's like a rule guide that every new father should live by!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top 10

Here's a top 10 list of things mommy can't live without. She told us and so we figured we'd put it on the blog. There's more that mommy can't live without but these are just we thought she needs/likes the most.

10. Long sleeve white onesies. She puts them on us under our t-shirts. She said we have so many cute t-shirts it's a shame to put them under a warmer shirt. So she puts the warmer shirt under the cute one.

9. Swings. Never underestimate the power of a swing. Sometimes she uses the jump-up for a swing in the doorway. Instead of having our feet hit the floor so we can jump she pulls the straps up so we can swing and watch her do stuff in the kitchen. (not cook though...mommy doesn't cook very well).

8. Dishwasher. 25 + bottles a day. Enough said.

7. Washer/Dryer. 2 + loads of laundry a day. Enough said.

6. Baby Einstein DVD's. We know TV is bad...mommy tells us. But sometimes if we're all really cranky and mommy has to gather her thoughts she can put on a DVD and we'll watch it. Oh...she's in the background telling us to say that no one is allowed to comment about this. She has 3 babies and sometimes rules need to be broken.

5. Baby Einstein Mobile for our cribs. Why? Because you don't have to wind it up! This is 2008...why do wind up toys still exist? The Baby Einstein mobile has a button. You push it and it plays Motzart, Bach and Beethoven for 15 minutes before you have to push the button again.

4. Stain remover. Mommy doesn't like it at all when we get our clothes stained. She has to make sure she sprays everything before it goes in the laundry to be washed. And yup...prune juice sure does stain. (But she keeps giving it to us!)

3. Strollers. We love to stroll and mommy loves to walk so strollers are a must. We have a single, double and triple stroller and mommy uses them all!

2. Books. Mommy loves to read to us and books are a must. That's why they're #2 on the list.

And the #1 thing mommy can't live without is.......................................................................

1. The Mom Van (aka: the minivan). It's very nice and even though we love to walk - we need to drive places too. Without the mom van we sure wouldn't be going very many places. We even heard mommy say that we were worth selling her mustang!!!! That's love.

Sunday, June 15, 2008



Friday, June 13, 2008


Does anyone know which way to Hollywood?

Cuz we're on our way!!!

Friday the 13th

Today was a long, busy day but we had fun and we have good news. Today Emily went to see a pediatric pulmonologist (we had to ask mommy to tell us how to spell that one!). He said she's doing really well and she won't have to be on her monitor for too much longer! Yippie!!!!! The only bad thing was that we had to be at the doctors office at 8:00 this morning. That's early. But we'd do anything for Emmie so we got up and got dressed 1st so that she could sleep a little longer so she was rested when she saw the doctor. It must have worked!!

Then we came home and we had to catch up on play time since we missed most of the morning. We played so much that we all took a 3 hour nap. We missed our walk because of that! But instead of walking mommy let us play outside on the back porch. We had a lot of fun out there. After we came inside we had a visitor. Auntie Kathy! So we had to break out the toys and smiles again and it was off to play! Our lives are just filled with so much to do. Well...enjoy the pics. We work hard when the camera is on us!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finally the heat wave is over! We were really getting tired of not being able to stroll around in the Mercedes. We took it out today though and it felt good. We walk by this big huge blue water thing. It's called a "swimming pool" and it looks so much fun! So would someone please tell mommy that we're big enough to go there?!?! She keeps saying that we're not old enough yet but we don't understand. She puts us in the bathtub...and if we're big enough for that then why can't we go to this "swimming pool" place? Well...don't tell mommy but Hailey came up with a plan. We're going to start crawling soon and we're going to crawl our little butts right over to that pool and have ourselves a great time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our friend

She loves it when we make a surprise visit to see her. We love it when she comes to visit us. She calls us "her" babies and she makes sure to tell everyone that there are 3 of us. When someone asks if she's the older sister she says "No. I'm the babysitter." And she is a great babysitter. She changes our diapers, holds us, feeds us (making sure we don't get any bubbles of course), plays with us and most of all she loves us. And we love her.
Her name is Alex and she's our best friend.

Monday, June 9, 2008


It's so hot outside! We don't like it. Mom won't let us go out and play when it's this hot and we love our outdoor playtime so this stinks. But we bugged mommy so much today that when daddy came home they put us in the car and took us to the grocery store. Hehe...we love the grocery store cuz everyone tells us how cute and beautiful we are. We already know cuz mommy tells us everyday but we like to hear it from other people too. We hope it's not so warm for too long though...we're starting to miss our walks! We miss the squirrels, doggies, birdies, bunnies and all our other wildlife friends.

Oh yeah! We almost forgot. Last night was our 1st night in our room without mom and dad. We were fine. But we think mommy kept sneaking in and peaking at us just to make sure we were ok. We're not so sure she got a lot of sleep cuz she spent most of the night looking over our cribs. Silly mommy shouldn't be so nervous but she'll learn.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Mommy and daddy read to us almost everyday. We really love it when they read to us because it teaches us new words. Daddy has a book called "My Daddy and I" and sometimes mommy reads it to us and changes all the "daddy" words to "mommy". She thinks we don't know she's tricking us be we're smarter than that. It's ok though. We just love books so we don't mind.

Also...tonight is our 1st night sleeping in our room alone. We have our own cribs now and we're big. We don't need grown-ups in our room anymore. It's our room and it should be for babies only!!! If we get scared we'll just crawl into one crib and keep each other company. That's what sisters are for.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lazy days of summer

Mom says it's not summer yet but it's 90 degrees today and we don't believe her. If this is just Spring...we're moving to Alaska! With these hot days we're not taking the Mercedes for a stroll as we'd roast out there. So instead - we're going to do the next best thing...SLEEP! Oh - and tonight we're going to a BBQ. That should be fun. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, probably some fruit salad and our favorite...cookies!!!! Enjoy the sun and make sure you wear your sunblock - it'll keep your skin looking baby fresh! :-)


Friday, June 6, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Every day people keep saying to our mommy "Wow - they're beautiful!" and mommy always says "aren't they?!?!". Well today mommy showed us this picture and we get it! We know why everyone says that now! I mean...are there really any babies that could possibly be more adorable than we are? Mom says no! Well we have to go for a walk now in the Mercedes and since we're so cute it'll take a while (as always!).

Hugs and kisses to all!!!