Friday, November 28, 2008

Bit of everything

This past week was great! We had our very 1st Thanksgiving AND cousin Christina was here!!!! We couldn't have been happier to see her! We saw Auntie Manda and Uncle Erick too. We went to Grammie & Poppie's for our 1st turkey dinner then we went to Grandma and Granpa Lucco's for our 2nd turkey dinner (can you believe we had 2 turkey dinners in one day?!?!). Here are some pics of all of us. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We know we did!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Message from mommy

Ah - where do I even begin. Yes it's true...I'm back to work full time. Can I really call it "work"? No. I feel that whomever is home with the girls is actually doing my work and I'm just someplace else making a paycheck. I love my job but I miss my girls (more than they miss me...and that's ok). What I miss the most is when things are crazy/hectic/out-of-control insane and I'm just about to pull my hair of them smiles at me and I drop everything to play. Play. That's what I miss. I love getting on the floor with them, seeing the world from their eye level and watching them play. I know I know I know...I still get to do these things and of course being away from them all day makes my time with them even more special. I'm not in the guilty stage of leaving them yet though. I'm still welcoming the break! But I must confess that I'm very jealous that someone else gets to spend all day with them instead of me. I'm sure this is normal and I'm sure I'll get over it and start feeling guilty that I'm "missing" something

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We're big now. And we're cool. Very cool kids.

It was cold this weekend so we stayed home. But we had a lot of visitors. Alex was here and she read our new books to us. Oh yeah...and daddy put up the Christmas tree! We can't wait to see what Santa brings us! (We're not sure who santa is but mommy said he's watching us and if we're good he'll bring us we're on our best behavior).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Thank You Message

We have some very special "firsts" coming up. Our 1st Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & Birthday all within 3 months. Can you believe it? We can't. Today we recieved a very special gift in the mail from some very thoughtful people. We recieved 3 books (and we love to read!), My First Thanksgiving, My First Christmas & The Night Before Christmas. It wasn't just the books that made us feel so special though. It was the messages that came with them. The 1st message said "We have many things to be thankful for but especially you girls and your mom and dad for running around with the camera to share your firsts with us! Love Nancy & Pat" The 2nd said "How exciting that we will celebrate Baby Jesus' Birthday and your very First Christmas!" Well we couldn't have said it better ourselves. We are very thankful for our family, friends and of course for mommy & daddy. And we're very excited that we can share so many firsts with so many people who care! So...this is a great big THANK YOU to Nancy & Pat. (We got to stay up late listening to mommy read us our new books...hehe)
Now...we know that we have recieved many special things in the mail and we are thankful for EVERYTHING. Trust us when we say that every single thing is needed and appreciated in more ways than you can imagine. We hope you all continue to enjoy the blog and hopefully mommy will take some pics of us in our pretty Christmas dresses and get them all out in the mail before Christmas.
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We work very hard to learn new things everyday. It's tough to be a baby. Between sleeping, eating & changing we have to find time to explore and lately we haven't been going outside because it's been so cold. So we are looking for new things in the house. For some reason - there are these new things in our way though. Mommy calls them "baby gates". These so called gates are hindering our voyages. We are currently working on a plan to disengage these obstacles. We'll keep you posted.
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're cute

And we know it...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We called mommy's boss and said "put her back on the schedule please!" Why? Because we need more toys of course! So - we're sending mommy back to work so she can make money and buy us more toys. She'll be going back to work starting next Friday. Auntie Jenn & Grandma Lucco will be taking care of us while mommy is at work. We'll miss mommy - but we sure can't wait for those toys!!!
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Videos

We have some new videos on youtube. One is Hannah crawling out of a jam and one is of Emmie's "inside" voice. Enjoy!

Little little little babies...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Happy!

We sure were surprised to find out we had to go to the doctor today for another flu shot. And needless to say we were not happy about it. Apparently we only got 1/2 the vaccine last time because we're too little for the whole thing. So today we got the other 1/2. Did we mention we're not happy about this?!?! Well...let's just see if we LET mommy & daddy sleep through the night tonight.
On a better note. We had a playdate with Griffin and Shaelin yesterday. They invited us to their house and it was a lot of fun. We even got to use some of their really cool toys. Well - we're off for now...gotta get some sleep so we can wake up EARLY just let mommy know who the real boss is in the house.
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Friday, November 7, 2008


This just in.......COSMO IS OUT! Why is this breaking news? Because our UNCLE PETE is in it! That's right...he's in the December issue of Cosmo on pg. 161 so make sure you go out and buy the issue! Mommy won't let us look at the other pages but that's ok - we only need to see this page. Congratulations Uncle Pete!!! We're proud of you!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Happy Friday

Well it's finally the weekend. Our cousin Brooke is coming to visit tomorrow and we have plans to visit our friend Alex on Sunday. Hopefully it doesn't rain. But if it does mommy always says "it's ok - you won't melt!". The pic is of us eating apples. We love apples in our mesh bags, pieces of cheese and juice in our sippy cups at snack time! Uncle Joey and Kristin went to Rogers Orchard and they picked these apples just for us. YUMMY!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As you should know - we've been going through a lot of "1st" things since pretty much everything is new to us. Yesterday was our 1st time going to vote. Mommy dressed us (per our request of course) in red, white & blue. Then we all got in the car and went to vote. But - when we got there - they said "we're sorry, but you're too young to vote". So we told mommy to secretly cast a vote for us and we kept everyone in the lobby busy. We decided on the car ride back that one day - you'll all be voting for one of us for President! We're working on our campaign already.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mi Munequita

Mi sobrina hermosa,Yo estaba allí cuando nació durante este día hace 2 años. Nunca pensé que yo podría amar a alguien tanto, pero cuando le sostuve en mis armas, mi corazón era lleno y realicé que no habría ningún final a cuánto yo podría amarle. Eras hermosa entonces, y tu es aún más hermosa ahora. Siempre sepa que estás en mis pensamientos, corazón y rezos diarios.
Feliz Cumpleaños
Le amo muñeca de bebé.
¡Mucho Mucho!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We kept mommy & daddy up all night last night. We thought they were getting too used to sleeping through the night. Seriously people - we're 8 month old triplets...we can't let them sleep through every night can we? Not sure we're gonna do it again though...mommy hasn't exactly been a bowl of cherries to be around today. Well we got on our snow suits and went out on the swings today. We're gonna go make mommy laugh.


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emily Michaela

I would like to disagree with the amount of "fun" we supposedly had yesterday. Does that picture of me below look like I'm having fun? I would like to voice my disapproval at being dressed up like a non-existent animal (you can only answer "and what are you?" so many times in a day), being toted around from place to place, and accepting candy from complete strangers at times. Really? Candy from strangers? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE??? I thought "Don't take candy from stangers!" actually meant "DON'T TAKE CANDY FROM STANGERS!" It's so confusing being a baby. I'm going to have to re-evaluate this whole Halloween thing and see what went wrong. I loved the least I was able to play with those! Oh - and for the record - I did in fact spit up all over my costume yesterday. I was making sure mommy knew there was no way she was going to get me to wear that thing more than once. Hannah & Hailey can dress up like princesses next year - but right now my vote is to stay home with Daddy and watch movies and eat popcorn. (And I won't have to dress up in a costume and ask a complete stranger for the popcorn cuz daddy will buy it for me!)
Emily Michaela