Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day. The big K. I don't know where time has gone and I sure wish I could slow it down. As you start the 1st day of a career that will change your lives forever I want you to know some things. 
1st is that I want you to dream big. I will try not to have big dreams for you but rather dream big with you. The world is in front you waiting to be conquered. You can do it! 
2nd is that you should always be there for your sisters...each other. There is power in numbers - always use this power for good please. 
And 3rd - respect. Respect yourself and respect others. Don't let people hold you down or hold you back - and at the same time you should never do that to anyone else. When you were little and you heard a baby cry you would all say "That baby needs a hug right mom?"  That's how I taught you and that's the lesson I want you to pass on. Hugs are powerful. Love is an incredibly powerful tool. Love and respect yourself always. 
I love you guys more than life itself. It's heart breaking to see my babies growing so fast but my tears are tears of joy. You make me so proud and I couldn't be happier than to be able to hold your hands as we walk together and begin this awesome journey.