Sunday, August 31, 2008

Days of Summer

Did we ever mention just how much we love the summertime? Cuz we do. Here are some pics of us just hanging out on the porch.


Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

side note: if anyone sees mommy's mind...could you please send it back? We miss it...and she needs it!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Video Blog

Mommy has put a link on this blog to our youtube videos. Just look to your left and you'll see the Lucco Girls Videos link. Click on it and it'll take you there! That's all for now...we're still looking for mommy's mind. We still can't find it!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lost and Found

Has anyone seen mommy's mind? She said she lost it somewhere between the laundry room and living room. We've been looking for it but no luck so far!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another video

Mom's figured out how to upload from the video camera! This video is of us going down for a nap. Everyone always asks mom how she does it. Well...her answer is this (we asked her so we could tell you). She said that since there are 3 of us - we have no choice but to sleep in our own beds. Plus...we don't get rocked, rubbed, cuddled, coddled or hummed to sleep. We have learned to fall asleep on our own without these things and although some people seem to think that it's "wrong" we think it's just fine. We get plenty of attention when we're awake. And since we've never really slept in mommy and daddy's bed - we don't know any different. We love our cribs! (And Emmie loves her basket). So here's our video. It's called "Nap Time". Oh yeah...mommy said if anyone wants to challenge her on sleep habbits to go right on ahead. She gets us to sleep in less than 5 minutes and we've been sleeping through the night since we were 5 months old. And we're TRIPLETS! She isn't saying that what other people do is wrong because she knows there's not just one way to do things. All she's saying is that this is the best option for all of us in this household.
Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

Monday, August 25, 2008

Night out

We had a night out! That's right...we ditched mommy and daddy, packed our bags and went to grandma's house. We packed a whole bag of toys and Emmie packed the food (we think she gave herself more cereal than us). We spent the WHOLE night there with grandma and grandpa Lucco, Titi Rosemary & Bailey of course! We had so much fun!!! It was a much needed break for us and for mommy & daddy. But we're happy to be home now...we missed our home and our parents. And they missed us. How could they not? We're adorable.
Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanna laugh?

Well then watch this...
Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have a new friend! His name is Oliver. He's a Sibley...but we get to visit him and we love him! He's so cute and soft and cuddly! We can't wait to visit him again!!!!

(yup...we're still teething...but we're not going there today)


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well this weekend was a bust. Mommy and Daddy thought they were going to spend the night away and we were all gonna go to Aunt Lucy's. Yeah right! Imagine? What were they thinking?!?! Haha...we had other plans. And they sure didn't include mommy and daddy having a night away from us! Hailey and Hannah got sick with a virus and had fevers and a rash. Emmie...was just Emmie and keeping to herself. So we all stayed home this weekend instead. We're better now though. Except we STILL teething. Yup...mommy said she hopes we all wake up in the morning with a full set of teeth. But we're thinking that's not gonna happen. We'll just keep on chewing everything that comes within our reach.


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two more weeks

That's how much longer Emmie has to have her monitor. We were all hoping that she wouldn't need it anymore but there were a couple of times when her heart rate and respirations dropped so the doctor wants 2 more weeks to see how she does. We can do that! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We're really tired today and still teething. It's been a long day so we're just going to post some pics. Emmie has an appointment tomorrow with the pulmonologist - we're hoping she can come off her monitor...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're sad

WE MISS CHRISTINA!!!! We don't like that she lives so far away. We want to play with her every day and now we have to just talk to her on the phone and web cam. Oh well. Maybe we'll go down and visit her in VA Beach when it gets cold up here. (sigh x3)

Monday, August 11, 2008


WOW! We have A LOT of family and friends! Of course we'd like to thank every single one of you for being part of our special day. It was a great day and we did our best to be well behaved just like mommy and daddy asked us to. People came from all over the states to participate in this special day. And what made it even more special was that cousin Christina was Christened with us too! We know we didn't spend as much time with every single person that was there but we did our best. It was a very long day for us...we don't usually stay awake that long and we aren't usually around that many people at once. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!!! We would love to see some pictures - we were so busy visiting that we didn't get many pictures of our own. We loved that we were able to meet so many people that are part of our family & friends!!!!! We would also like to thank everyone for the very special gifts and college fund contributions! We wanted to go shopping for toys and teething rings but mommy said "No way! This money is for college only!!!". Oh well...looks like we'll have to go to college one day. We did get some very thoughtful, special gifts as well...we can't name them all but we did get our 1st piggy banks, time capsules, angles with our names (we are angels ourselves of course), hand-sewn blankets, something special to keep our 1st locks of hair and 1st tooth & lets not leave out the fact that we're going to be the best dressed triplets in the country!!!!!! Again...we couldn't possible list everything but those are just a few things. The most special gift of all was the fact that so many of you were there. That really means a lot to us! Mommy and Daddy always stress the importance of family and friends and boy are we lucky to have as many as we do.


Hannah, Hailey, & Emmie

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Friday!

We're gearing up for the weekend...and it's gonna be a big one! Our Christening is on Sunday and cousin Christina is going to be Christened with us too! We're very excited about it. We have beautiful gowns and dresses for after. We're going to see a whole bunch of family and friends. Even some we haven't met yet!
Oh yeah...we're 6 months old today!
Have a great weekend!


Hannah, Hailey & Emmie

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today is daddy's birthday! We're very excited...we're going to bake him a birthday cake today! But don't tell him cuz it's a surprise.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're very excited!

Cousin Christina is coming to visit tomorrow! We can't wait to see her! Mommy said she'd be here when we woke up in the morning so Hailey went right to sleep. We went swimming again today. We really like the pool and we'll be swimming on our own before you know it. We even go under water! We're gonna bring Christina to the pool with us tomorrow and show her how big we are. to bed we go!


Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hailey Rose

OK OK OK! I finally found time to post an 'all about me' blog. I know I'm a little behind my sisters but being the oldest - I have a lot of responsibilies.

My name is Hailey Rose Lucco. When I was born I weighed 2lbs 6oz. I am now 10lbs 6oz and quickly catching up to Hannah and Emily. I'm the oldest of the 3 of us and I love to be the boss. I spent 6 whole weeks in the hospital and when I came home I only weighed 3lbs 15oz. I was a peanut then...and I'm a peanut now. But that's ok. I have a loud voice and I let it be heard. When I want something...I'm sure to let mommy know. I love to laugh and giggle when daddy pushes me real high on the swing or when he scares me. Mommy says I'm a dare devil but I'm not sure what that means yet. I just know that there's nothing I won't try and so far...nothing I haven't liked. I love the water...swimming is great and my baths are fun too.

Where did I get my name. Well - mommy and daddy love the name Hailey & Rose comes from my great-grandmother Rose Lucco. I really like my name...I think it's very pretty. And just in case you don't already know - Hannah and I share the 1st same initial because we're identical. Ok...that's all for now. I'm very busy trying to figure out how we're going to drive mommy up the wall tomorrow. Monday's are our favorite day to drive her crazy.

Hailey Rose Lucco