Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday..........

The month of March is FULL of birthdays in our family.   My sister and 2 of my brothers all have a birthday this month.  I'll try to get them all on here with pics but that'll take some time.  For now...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!!!!!!!!!      3/20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!!!!!!!!!!   3/2

3/23/11 Walk in snow

It doesn't look like snow in the pic - but it was snowing.  My friend Lucy gave the girls a couple of umbrella's she no longer used.  They were all too excited to get to use them to go for a walk!  I thought for sure I'd end up carrying all of the umbrella's after 1/2 way through our walk.  But to my surprise - we walked around the block TWICE and they held them the entire time! 

Just veggin' out

Here's a pic of the girls glued to the TV.  About a week ago they watched Dora the Explorer for the very 1st on TV and this is the result. 

Thank you cards

We LOVE to paint.  And I found some GREAT washable paint at AC Moore.  It's only $1.99 a bottle and we only need 3 bottles (primary colors).  We had fun mixing the paint on paper plates to make all of the colors of the rainbow.  Then - we painted our hands and made hand prints on the thank you cards.  While I was helping one of them do their 'hand stamps' - the others were painting a cardboard box that was hanging around from after the move.  Letting them paint cardboard is fun, cheap and easy for clean up.  And cardboard can handle A LOT of paint...unlike construction paper.  The best part about this project was the easy clean up.  The paint washed right off of EVERYTHING!  Now I just need to get the thank you cards sent out..........

3/12/11 - St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hartford

I took the girls to their 1st parade and even though it was cold and windy - they loved it!

We hung out in front of these doors cuz it was enclosed, warmer and wind free.  There was also a family with twin boys hanging out in here with us!  

Trying out the ground effects...still too windy down here but cotton candy helped!

This is where we watched the parade!  Right up on this wall all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. We are eating a pretzel (and I just realized they are eating in every picture). 

I didn't take any pics of the parade itself!  But it was fun and I can't wait to go to the 4th of July parade!

2/26/11 - girls bday party

(too many pics to look through so I'll update this post later)

Lots of pics coming!

Ok - it's been almost a month since I've posted pics.  BUT I have been TAKING pics.  I just haven't taken the time to put them on the computer.  I'll post them in separate posts so they're not all lumped into one big cluster.