Sunday, May 31, 2009


We went to the Beardsly Zoo and it was sooooo much fun! We saw wolves, bears, a tiger, fish, monkeys and even another set of triplets! Can you believe that?!?! Well - we had a great time. After looking through all the pics we realize that we don't have any of daddy...that's cuz he was holding the camera. We'll see if Lucy or Uncle Joey has some with daddy...he really did come with us!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Saturday, May 30, 2009


That's what we must be. At least that's how people seem to think we should be treated right? Mommy & daddy take us everywhere. And why shouldn't they? We're a FAMILY. We travel as such. We may not travel 'light' but we travel none the same. We were at the grocery store last weekend - 5 (yes...that's F I V E) people commented and/or asked about taking a picture of us. At one point mommy had it...she doesn't usually lose her patience with people in public when it comes to us. We're cute. And we know it. And mommy knows it. But sometimes (and we quote) she just "wants to get some damn milk people!" We don't mind the 'cute' comments or the small chit chat every now and then. But pictures? C'mon people! If you were in a store with your child and a random stranger came up and asked to take a picture - what would you say? We went to Mystic Aquarium last weekend and today - we went to the zoo (we'll post another post with pics of that later...when we're not venting for mommy). And these types of outings are fairly new to all of us. Mommy still hasn't gotten use to people thinking she's a traveling circus act. We don't help with the fact that we now wave and smile at just about everyone walking by. Mommy has a high tolerance for the comments...but we should warn you that if you even think about touching us - you may lose a hand and/or an entire limb. Mommy says it's the choo choo wagon that seems to give the green light to open up the question forum. We love love love our wagon so she better not even think about ditching it. She's probably right though. The wagon seems to draw an unusual crowd. Including those who think it's another ride if our butts aren't planted in the seats. ( little kids actually tried hopping in today when daddy was holding one us). Brings a whole new meaning to 'move your feet, lose your seat!' Eh...that's our gripe for the day. We had fun at the zoo. Uncle Joey came...duh. We'll post pics and commentary on that tomorrow. We need to catch some zzzzz's so we can be on our best behavior for a picnic at Kelly's!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mystic Aquarium

Sorry for the delayed post on this but time flies when you're learning how to walk! Emily & Hannah are walking (and Hailey doesn't like to be left behind so she insists on holding someones hand while 'walking' herself). We had a blast at Mystic Aquarium. Emily actually touched a sting ray! (minus the stinger of course!). They were putting their hands in the pool and the sting ray actually swam right up to Emily's hand. I was a bad mommy that day too. I have no idea where my head was...I guess I was just so excited to go to the aquarium myself that I couldn't get things together. 1st...we forgot the camera (no worries...Kristin had hers). Then...I realized we didn't have the girls sun hats. Only to then find out I also forgot the sunblock! What the hell kind of mommy am I?!?! Eh...we have fun. Uncle Joey & Kristin bought sunblock (and a book and a toy and........). Lucy, Alex & Brianna came with us too. What an adventure. I love it. I absolutely love bringing my girls places and watching their faces when they see something new or something exciting. Oh - and to top off the 'bad mommy' day - I forgot to even close the front door on our way out of the house. We came home and the door was wide open - once again Uncle Joey to the rescue. He ran in, ran out and said "TV is still on the wall!!! No one broke in!" Haha...what a day. We all enjoyed ourselves and we can't wait to go back. Our next trip (maybe this weekend?) is going to be to the zoo......

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Check 'em'll see who's walking...who's throwing tantrums and who's fighting!!!!
We'll get pics and a post up about our trip to Mystic Aquarium as soon as we get the pics from Kristin...we forgot our camera. Enjoy the videos.........

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mommy's Mad

Usually mommy is very kind to people when they

Friday, May 22, 2009

15 Months!

Today we are 15 months old and we sure do need to celebrate! We're not putting up stats of weights or heights or anything else like that (we're not even going to the doctor until next month...God willing - knock on wood). Why do we need to celebrate? Well - other than the obvious's because WE HAVE A WALKER! Which one of us is walking? soon as we can get the video up (after we go to the aquarium) you'll be able to find out!!!!!!!
Love ya lots!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're here

It's hard to put up stuff on the blog when we're so busy. We've been working really really really hard on walking. We can stand up on our own it's just so scary to move our feet. We usually just fall forward and hope someone catches us (then laugh our little butts off). Mommy put shorts on us today cuz it's gonna be 90 degrees outside. We didn't know what to do cuz we're not use to wearing shorts. When mommy put us on the floor we ALL looked down at our legs and then back at mommy. We were trying to communicate "what is this all about?" but she didn't seem to understand us. We rubbed our legs a bit and moved on. Looks like we'll be trying to walk a bit more today so we don't have to crawl around on our bare little knees. Oh...and tomorrow we're going to Mystic Aquarium. Mommy says there are dolphins and penguins and a whole bunch of animals that we read about in our books. How exciting to see these things for real huh? We'll be sure to update you on this little expedition!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend fun

The weekend was fun. Isn't it always? Friday's start the weekend for us (Uncle Joey is here every Friday...nuff said). The pic is what we learned/reviewed while he was here. It was a tough lesson but the 3 of us managed to pull off an A+ at the end of the day. Saturday we went to Kohl's looking for some fall clothes that were on sale. It was a bust. Nothing for the fall was on sale - therefore...mommy didn't buy us any clothes. We tried to explain to her that she had a 30% off coupon but she said "It's not about how much you save - it's about how much you spend." Whatever. We don't understand 'reason' yet - maybe one day we'll get it. Moving we went to the grocery store. Again - we won't get into the things we bought (didn't buy) due to mommy's 'cost saving techniques' but we had fun. We're into eating so much more food now too. On the menu today:
Breakfast: 4 pieces of French toast, watermelon & milk
Snack: Graham crackers, 1 Yo Baby Yogurt & milk
Lunch: 2 PB&J's, 1 banana & milk
Snack: (this was enjoyed in our wagon right after the grocery store) 1 all natural fruit bar some very yummy all natural cheesy puffs & juice! (usually we get milk...but we were out
so we had juice).
Dinner: Ziti (so much fun to put on our fingers!) with mom's 'special' sauce & milk.
*mom's special sauce is a bit of all natural pasta sauce mixed with a jar of baby carrots*
I'm sure you can imagine that by the end our days we're quite exhausted. We spend so much time learning new things that it wipes us out!
Well - we hope everyone else has a great weekend.
Hannah, Hailey, & Emily

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair do's...DON'T!

What is wrong with our mother?!?! Look...just LOOK at what she did! Daddy only left for a few hours! We didn't think we'd be subjected to such horror in his absense. She must have lost her mind. Has she not seen just how cute we are in hats? Hats are fine...just fine with us. No need to put our hair up in fancy shmancy thingie dingies that require us to sit still for more than 15 seconds. No need! Oh we're still trying to recover from the abuse.
The don't-you-dare-touch-our-hair girls
(Please note that I was smart enough to make sure mommy didn't even attempt to come near me during this psychotic break of hers. Hailey)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did you know...

...that lentils have 16 grams of fiber in only 1 little cup? And do you know how easy it is to consume 1 little cup of cooked lentils? We do. We had a whole bag of them last night. The outcome say the least.
The stinkin'-lentil-eaters

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well we should let you all in on a little secret. Mommy doesn't cook. Here's an example why: last week she cooked us all a whole chicken and some veggies in the crock pot. All seemed well enough...we ate it and it was yummy. So she was doing the same thing today. Getting it ready and all when Donna and Grammie said something about the gizzards. Mommy said 'gizzards? what are you talking about?'. So they both explained how you take them out of the chicken before washing the chicken off and before they could finish mommy said 'What?!?! I'm suppose to take something out of this thing before cooking it?!?!' Yeah...lesson learned we hope. Her culinary skills are beyond deficient. Good thing we like PB&J.
The PB&J eaters

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks Gramps!

Dear Gramps,
Mommy said you sent some $ so we could buy 'whatever'. We went shopping and mommy put POTTY SEATS in the cart! What?!?! No way...we made daddy put them back on the self and we put THESE cool chairs in the cart instead. ( was OUR $ to spend!!!!).
Thanks a million Gramps cuz we sure do love our new Tinkerbell chairs!
Your seat-sittin'-chair-readin'-tinkerbell-lovin' granddaughters

On the Schedule

Everyday when mommy & daddy leave for work someone comes to watch us. When they are here...they write down on our board what we did during the day, what we ate, when we took a nap and when we were changed. That way mommy & daddy know how our day was when they come home. Yesterday Uncle Joey was here...and we were going to try to have more fun but we couldn't fit it into the schedule. Oh well...maybe next week.


The fun-fun-fun fans!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Mommy forgot to tell you that she put a new video up on youtube. It's me reading a favorite thing to do! Mommy said she's gonna try to put up a new video every week...we'll see how that goes though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gift for mommy

Now that we fixed the dishwasher for mommy...daddy is on the hook for this for Mother's Day. Isn't it so pretty? It will have our names of course and mommy will wear it everyday just like the necklace daddy bought her last year. Aren't we nice to think of these things?
The we're-oh-so-thoughtful trips

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Toys Please!

Well...we were thinking that it would cost a whole bunch of $ to buy a new dishwasher. And we were also thinking that maybe if we found a way to fix the dishwasher - mommy would take that $ and buy us new toys instead! So when daddy came home, we told him what to do and he fixed it!'s fixed. Mommy, are you gonna go to Toys R Us and buy us new toys now?

Also - in the pics you'll see we were out choo chooing this weekend. And yes...we each have our own phone. You see - Uncle Joey always lets Emily hold his phone which plays music. Well when he's not around we still want our music so daddy put music on his & mommy's phones. BUT...we each need our OWN phone to hold. Yeah - mommy went looking and found some old cell phones and this is how we ride. Each with our own phone, own juice cups, license plates on the back of our choo choo...we're good to go. Oh - and no...Hailey doesn't need to be 'adjusted'. This is how she prefers to chill.


The we-fixed-the-dishwasher-so-buy-us-new-toys toddlers

Dear Daddy

Monday, May 4, 2009


Pete: "Is a new dishwasher an acceptable gift for Mother's Day?"
Me: "Absolutley."
Our dishwasher broke over the weekend. The only way you know you have a broken dishwasher is if you go to run it and it doesn't work. If you try to run it - it's full of dirty dishes. I spent way too much time washing dishes this weekend. Guess how much laundry I got done?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Missing - Shoes and Choo Choos!

As you can see in the picture - mommy bought us some shoes. Hannah told me (Hailey) that she didn't like wearing hers. So like the good sister I am...I threw one of her shoes in the garbage when no one was looking. Problem solved. *And there really is only one white sandal left. Sad*

Also - we've been told (and mommy read it too) that the choo choo wagon has once again been discontinued. We're lucky we got ours when we did! Mommy saw it online one day when we were only 3 months old and she HAD TO HAVE one. So she called a million stores (we've heard the story so many times that we know it had to be that many stores) until she found one. Not only did mommy find one - but being the bargain shopper that she is...she talked the owner into giving her a discount. Well whatever it cost...we say it was worth every penny!!!


The choo-choooooing-shoe-shenanigan-pulling Divas

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Miss Donna

Miss Donna comes to hang out with us once a week (sometimes she goes to FL but when she does...she sends us a post card so it's ok).