Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just Kidding!

I forgot I uploaded the pics from our 1st family xmas party already! Here they are! We went up to the Chabbot's for family xmas #1 - this was the one that the girls and I went up the day before and spent the night so we wouldn't miss the party due to snow!!!! And we're very happy we went because we got some much needed extra family time.


Ummm...will be coming soon - when we get our camera back (ooops...we left it behind at a party!).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa is coming!!!!!!!!

Have you heard? Santa is coming...and he's going to stop HERE! He is! He really really really is! Mommy said that we've been good enough for Santa to come and bring us presents. We saw him at Daddy's work and he said that he would bring us something but we can't remember what because we were too busy worrying about NOT sitting on his lap that we forgot what he was actually saying to us. We keep asking mommy what he's bringing but she said she doesn't know. How can she not know?!?! She seems to know everything else....
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Dear Santa,
Don't you dare bring anything that requires watering, feeding, walking and/or petting. I promise to put it back in a box and ship it back to the North Pole. Don't bring a baby that pees, pukes, cries, needs grooming or diapering either. You see - I'm done with that and I certainly don't want my girls getting use to the idea of having a little one around. And Lord help us all if it accidentally cries in the middle of the night. So it's best if you bring those sort of gifts to someone else's home this year.
Mommy of Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pics & Updates

Pete brought the girls back to the doctor today for a recheck of their ears. Hannah & Hailey still have ear infections - round 4 of antibiotics. I've made an appt with the ENT doctor for all 3 of them - the earliest they could get in was the beginning of February...we'll see how it goes until then. If I need them to get in sooner - I'll figure out a way to do it.

We went to have breakfast with Santa at Pete's work for the 2nd year in a row now. So there are a few pics there from that.

We also had a family xmas party up in MA last weekend. The girls and I went on a sleepover so that we didn't get stuck in the snow and miss the party! It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the time we had with our family.

The girls are talking sooooo much more. They say 'pease' (please) for most things - which is nice to hear ;-) They also repeat everything. They're still not using words so much to ask for things but they're getting better the more we work on it. They're fresh - very fresh! But we're working on that too. Hannah loves to take things that belong to Hailey or Emily and say 'MINE!' as she runs away with whatever clearly is NOT hers. Hailey usually chases behind her crying and whining while looking over her shoulder for someone to help her. Emily either just takes whatever is hers back from Hannah since she's stronger - or she just finds something else to play with. FRESH!

Since they've started with the ear infections back on November 11th - they haven't all been consistently sleeping through the night so Pete and I are exhausted. With one baby...maybe we could manage. Maybe even with two babies we would be able to manage. But with the 3 of them waking up at different times and for long periods of time - it's taking its toll for sure. But this too shall pass (so they everyone keeps telling us anyway). I have no idea how people with quads, quints or more handle this.

Hair? Yeah - you have ideas...feel free to come on over and share. I have never been able to do my own hair (ummm...haven't you seen the pony tail on the top of my head since waaaay back in the day?). So the Cindy Lu Who look will have to do until I can figure out something new. Hehe.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Emily pooped on the potty today!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still sick......

11 ear infections, a few episodes of croup and some throwing up all with in the past 6 weeks. It's taking its toll on all of us. Hopefully we'll be back to bouncing and running around soon....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Are you kidding me?!?!

I get this picture at work today from Little Brother. He says Hannah isn't feeling well - and I trust his instincts. They've all been on antibiotics for 10 days now (today was their last day). But she seemed a bit off last night too. So I called the doctor to get her in today...made an appt for 4:30. Pete and I decided to bring all 3 of them since they needed a recheck of their ears anyway. We both leave work and meet at home. He had the girls ready to go so all I had to do was jump out and help put them in the car...brrrrrrr - it's cold out there! Hannah looked miserable to me. Off we go.

We get to the doctor, she takes a look in Hannah's ears and guess what? She has a double ear infection! Are you kidding me? They JUST finished their meds TODAY for their last ear infections! Immediately I say 'Please check the other two' (they didn't have appts but she was totally fine with it). Yup - Emily has an ear infection too. Oh...look at does Hailey! Ok at this point I'm about to lose my mind. I want answers and the doctor doesn't want to be in the same room with me. What is causing this? Why aren't the meds working? How can we avoid this? What if this 3rd round of medication doesn't work? One of the reasons we chose this doctor is because she can handle ME. lol...not an easy task

The girls were born 2 months premature - so the common cold doesn't last days in our lasts weeks. Literally weeks. Now multiply that by 3 and add the fact that kids get more than one common cold during the winter months and you have...the Lucco residence. So all these posts that are ranting about washing your hands? And all my obsessive cleaning? And all of my signs in my house about hand-washing? And my Mama Bear approach to strangers that try to touch my babies?'s not all for nothing. I don't do it for my health...I do it for my babies health. But I'm smart enough to know that they'll get colds no matter how hard we try to avoid them. That's just a fact of life.

The colds are what's causing the ear infections. They get so stuffy and congested that their ear canals are clogging and becoming infected. They've been 'stuffy' for about 3 months now. It's been a constant battle. Once one of them gets better...another one gets a cold and then they share. Lovely...the one thing I don't want them to share and they do! LOL

The doctor asks us 3 questions...are they drinking bottles? No. Binkies? No. Smokers in the house? No. Ok - then there's not much we can do on our own. We simply can't avoid the colds - that's just how it is. I can't put them in a bubble...they've been let out and once that happens you can't get them back in! If we can get through this winter we should be ok. They'll be bigger and stronger by next winter - and their immune systems will be stronger as well.

Tubes. That's really not an option at this point. Let's not forget that 2 of our peanuts are not yet 20lbs. They would need surgery to have tubes put in. We're already facing surgery for 2 of them in the next couple of years...three more surgeries isn't something we can tackle right now. The doctor doesn't think it's beneficial at this point because we know what the problem is. Ugh...if we can just get through this winter....
We got back from the doctor and I fed the kids dinner while Pete went and filled their meds. He got home - I gave them their meds and Hannah proceeded to throw up all over the place. Bath night!!!!!! Poor kid kept saying 'uh oh' until we got her in the tub. We gave them baths, brushed teeth, read books and in their cribs they went. I don't even think we were out of the room before they we sleeping. It's gonna be a long night....put the coffee on!!!!!!

Potty Talk

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Friday, December 4, 2009

Times 3

The girls vocabulary is still way behind schedule. But some words they seem to be saying A LOT lately are 'No No No' & 'Mine! Mine! Mine!' Yes - each word three times. All 3 of them. They are fighting over everything but they are also the best of friends and watch out for each other. Hailey claimed to be 'stuck' while sitting on top of an upside down laundry basket today. I knew better - I just watched her climb up onto the thing! But Hannah heard Hailey say she needs 'Hep' (help) and dropped what she was doing to go and help Hailey. She took her hand and helped her down. Then went back to the toy she was playing with like nothing happened. I pray the girls stay close forever and are always the best of friends.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here's your foot - please put it in your mouth

I went to Babies R Us today. I had to return something and buy a lot of somethings. At the checkout - after my total came to over $100 (not a single toy in my cart of somethings) she says to me "Would you like to donate $1 to Toys for Tots for a child who may not be as fortunate as yours this year?" I replied "No thank you." She then says (while shaking her head) "shame, shame, shame." My quick response - "I have 21 month old triplets at home, toys for tots will be at MY house this year. But thank you for asking." All of a sudden I hear "Good for you!" There was a line of people behind me and one mom had said this...apparently wondering the same thing I was which is where on earth does this lady get off saying that? Usually I'm not very composed in these kinds of situations but I was appalled at her response to my "no thank you". I mean - I was polite and I am in NO WAY responsible for the children of the world who don't have anything. Nor will my lack of a $1 donation make or break these children. For the record - I'm a sucker for donating...but mostly the things that we have that we have been fortunate enough to use for a while. My cart of somethings will be donated to another child that may not have the somethings we have. And to the lady at the's your foot - please put it in your mouth.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new video

Hannah didn't (couldn't) take a nap today. She was having a rough day with her ears (all 3 have ear infections again). So instead of napping - we had some one on one time and she was so helpful! She LOVES to help out around the house especially if you give her a cloth - she'll go wipe everything down. It's kind of cute. So here's a video of how she helps do laundry.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Here's some pics from NJ! We are having so much fun here...we love it!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey Day! We're headed out in the morning for our very 1st road trip. Wish us luck! It'll be our 1st time staying away from home except for when we stay at Grandma Lucco's house. Mommy & daddy say the hotel is going to be very nice and it has a pool so hopefully we get to go swimming and meet some nice people! We'll tell you all about it when we get back.
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip to the ER

Here's the story on the 365 blog. Too much to post twice!

Monday, November 16, 2009

All better

We are all better now. No more ear infections.

I'm all better now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


You guessed it...she didn't want to be left out of the sick mess they've all created. Up all night, threw up on me twice and now just hanging out waiting to go to the doctor.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


She has her very 1st ear infection (yes...just one day after Hailey - we had to bring Hannah to the doctor for the same sypmtoms). :-(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


She has her 1st ear infection. :-(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Happy Birthday Cousin Christina! We love you and miss you so very much!!!!

Update on the trio

Ok - so Hannah woke up with the runny nose that Emily has been sporting the past few days. BUT - they slept through the night last night. I'm sure Hailey won't be too far behind on the cold wagon but hopefully it's JUST a cold and nothing else. The girls didn't get their H1N1 vaccines but they did get the seasonal flu vaccine. I'm hoping the doctors office has the H1N1 in this week. We held off on the vaccine last visit but now we've changed our minds (after doing more research)...and now they're out of the

We have the appt with the head surgeon on Friday for Emily and Hailey. Pete and I really haven't talked about it much. I think we're both pretty nervous about the whole thing. So much going on lately and this appt just crept up on us out of nowhere. We want to go away for Thanksgiving - but we might be sticking around nursing some post op children. We'll see.

Emily is talking more and more these days. She isn't 'using' her words - but she's repeating EVERYTHING! When I found out someone stole all 6 of our pumpkins (even the one's that they decorated with stickers and had their names on them in beautiful calligraphy thanks to Kristin) I said 'I'm so mad!' And Emily says 'Uh oh, Mama mad, uh oh'. It's cute. But really - I wasn't happy about the whole pumpkins being stolen. Grrrrrr. Punk kids. We even handed out candy on Halloween! We found the pumpkins...smashed to smithereens along with everyone else's pumpkins in the neighborhood. For some reason I'm finding it hard to move on from this...but I'll keep trying.

They can all JUMP off the ground! I'm proud of this...I don't know why but I am. Also - Pete bought them some flash cards last week and they're really getting good at identifying the pictures on the cards. We ask if they can find something and they sort through all of the cards and find it.

It's hard to know where they should be scholastically(?) and what they should/shouldn't be able to do. We only have the 3 of them and they're not in school/daycare. So we do a lot of reading and sometimes I feel like they're way more advanced in some areas and way behind in others. So we're working on the areas that we think they're behind.

Do we worry about anything specifically? Probably not. If I had to blurt out only one thing I worry about in excess it would be their health. They get a cold and I turn into the worst worrying mama ever. Do they have a fever? A rash? A cough? Is Hannah going to get croup again? Will Emily ever lapse back into her apnea episodes from a lowered immune system while she's sick? Will Hailey stop eating and lose weight (which she already can't afford to do!)? But I think this is all 'normal'. Every mom worries. Every mom wants the best for their kids and doesn't want to see them miserable. At least that's the way it works in our house anyway!

Oh and for the record...they ALL have daddy wrapped around their tiny little fingers.
Every. Single. One.

They're still in cribs and we've decided to keep them in their cribs until they figure out that it would be pretty easy for them to just climb out. Once they do that...we'll put their crib mattresses on the floor and take everything out of their room except bedding. They can have a field day at bed time - eventually they'll fall asleep right?

Their car seats are still rear facing. They can climb up into their seats by themselves so it's a game now - they get in the van and they get into whatever seat they want. They like to switch it up so lately they've all been in different seats. We can't turn Hannah and Hailey around yet because they're not yet 20lbs. Now the new recommendation is to keep them rear facing until they're 4 years old. We'll see how that goes...

We haven't started potty training yet. I think we'll buy them some potty seats for xmas and start orienting them to the idea gradually.

I guess that's it for now...(are you even still reading this long post?).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here are some pics with the family. Things are going well - but Emily has a cold right now. We're hoping this isn't the beginning of a messy few weeks with 3 sick kids. I feel like we just got over having them all sick!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moms ranting again

Where to begin? Pete and I miss our lives before kids. We love our lives now. But we miss our 'life'. Our life now consists of - well...babies and being parents. That's a whole lot of responsibilty. Neither one of us could have imagined the amount of responsibility one takes on when being a parent. There's ups and downs and with each other - we'll pull through it. But some days are so much harder than others.

The girls have learned that they now have 'choices'. It makes it hard on us because they only choose 'no'. That's it. Whatever it is...they don't want it or they don't want to do it. And they fight every step of the way. Changing them is a nightmare. Getting them in their pj's at night...same nightmare. But for some reason - they love to get dressed in the morning. I don't get it. I know it's just a phase...but Lord this phase is killing me. The whining. OMG the whining. I don't do whining...really really really don't do whining. It eats at me - sends my blood pressure through the roof and just makes my hair stand up. I feel like I'm constantly saying 'use your words please' over and over again. And you know...they don't really have words! But I sure wish they'd find them and use them. It's the guessing game right now. "You want this? No. You want that? No. This? That? Oh! You want this!!!!!!" Grrrrrr.

Sleeping in is a thing of the past. Even if one of us is able to stay in bed - we can't really sleep. Nights out - forget it. We're either home with the girls or too tired to go anywhere anyway.

This isn't a complaint - just part of our life. We both just sat here and read through some of the older posts in the blog and I was thinking...'wow - there's nothing in there about how HARD it is sometimes'. It's no wonder people don't get it. We don't tell them. Of course you don't want people to know you're having a bad day. Those are the things people want to hear about. They want to know that our girls are sleeping through the night and eating well. That they're happy and healthy. Yes, yes, yes and yes to all 4 of those things. But you know - they cry. They whine. They fight. They slap the shit out of me everyday and I do nothing at all about it. Not even time outs. Because I choose not to fight that battle. They hardly ever lay down on the chaning table to be changed without being forced or held down. It usually takes 2 of us to get Emily in her pj's at night.

Today was a good day. You'd never know it by this blog. But it was a good day. The girls got along, Emily didn't bite anyone (that's not to say she didn't try), we got some laundry done, went grocery shopping, cooked a few meals, even sat and played with playdough, went for a long was a really good day.

But a good day can turn sour in 2 seconds and when you have 3 screaming toddlers - that's all it takes to make you forget you've had a good day. After their bath we had to cut their nails. All 60 of them. 30 toes, 30 fingers. It takes 2 of us and we could probably use a third. They didn't fight too hard tonight but they resisted. Then it was time for pj's. Emily just wasn't having it. She did everything in her power to keep from getting dressed. She twists, turns, screams, bites, hits, and even lets her whole body go limp. This really just gets to me. THEY'RE PJ'S. WE DO THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And yet she acts like we're tourturing her. Grrrrr

I finally took her bunny away and gave the other 2 theirs. They were in the pj's. I told Emily if she wanted her bunny - put her pj's on and she'd get it. She did...with a lot less resistance. And I gave her the bunny.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Lunch

THIS is what a true Halloween lunch should look like! Mac n cheese with 'worms', mummy dogs, bread bones, banana ghost (covered in peanut butter), pumpkin rice crispy treats and ghosts juice with pumpkin silverware!!!!!!! I have the best brother in the world. Truely.
Edited to add: KRISTIN MADE LUNCH TODAY!!! I have the best brothers' girlfriend in the world. Truely. ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pics with the family

Pray for Stellan

Stellan and his family need our prayers once again. He's back in SVT and in the hospital. Hasn't been a good night for the little guy or for MckMama either. Stellan is GOING to be 1 tomorrow. Let's all pray for him to be eating yummy birthday cake with his family!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hailey Rose and Kaleigh Rose sharing secrets....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

18 month well baby

But at 2o months. Lol...we said it would be late! The girls are doing very well. They're growing...although Hailey and Hannah are still peanuts and not quite on the growth chart. The important thing is that they're healthy.

We held off on the MMR and Varicella vaccines again. Still not ready. They did get the seasonal flu shot (not the H1N1). And I was prepared! I knew that they would cry and the last thing I wanted to see what their little lip pouting while looking at ME as if I was the one that hurt them. So a couple weeks ago Pete and I introduced........the DUM DUM POP! Oh yeah - it's the best thing in the world when you're 20 months old. So we got them hooked and then right after they got stuck (the tears were coming in waves) we unwrapped the pops and it was complete silence. Instantly. Then you heard the 'mmmmmmm' out of all of them. They hold their pop out to me and say 'POP POP!' and then stick it back in their mouth. worked like charm baby. They even said 'bye bye' to the doctor as we left.

Emily has a 'bump' on her head that needs to be removed. I'll get more technical terminology once we see the surgeon. We'll be seeing him the 1st week of November.

Hailey has a skin tag on her neck...or at least that's what we've always thought it was (the doctors told us that when she was born). But now the pediatrician is concerned that it may be a sinus that never closed? Not we're bringing her to see the same surgeon on the same day Emily goes. Emily has seen this doctor once before - this will really just be a follow up for me to get more information before she goes in for surgery.

If Hailey ends up needing surgery - I'm going to see if they can remove the nevus sebaceous that's on her head. She's been seen for it and the doctor said she'll need to have it removed before she starts school. Lots of 'we'll see' going on though. We won't be jumping into anything too quickly.

The girls vocab is still eh. They KNOW how to say words. They're just refusing to use them.

We bought them playdough, baby dolls, baby doll strollers, a baby doll pack-n-play and finger paint. They needed some revamping of new toys. And they LOVE their baby dolls and strollers. They are the proudest little mama's I've ever seen.

Oh - they're not sick anymore either. Lol...I've just been too busy to post anything of interest these past few weeks! Emily still has a rash but it's going away slowly.

We have a lot of pics that we haven't posted so I'll try to post them with a bit of background info on them this week. (I'll TRY). ;-)

For this post - just the pics of their new babies...and a pic of my babies.