Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've been posting pics of the girls everyday but not really giving much of an update on how they're doing. Right now - they're all sick. But that's nothing unusual these days right? It's the winter - and one must expect to have colds and runny noses galore running rampant around these parts with the trio. But aside from the snot, cough, fevers, croup and so on...they're doing quite well.

They're all finally over 20lbs - we'll have more of an accurate weight on each of when they see they go for their well baby visit in March. And they're tall! I feel like we just bought them shoes and already it's time to buy new ones because they're quickly outgrowing these.

They all still wear different sizes and yet I insist on squeezing Emily into something too small or throwing something on Hailey that's too big - just to change them 15 minutes later.'s like she fits into anything.

Words - hmmm...language is getting there. They speak - don't get me wrong. They love to babble away. But 1/2 in English and 1/2 in Spanish. So it'll mostly sound something like 'Este no!' or 'shoes aqui'. And we're at the point where we know they're asking for something specific but because we don't understand them it's quite frustrating at times. We'll get there. We're working on 'show me' so we can have some peace around here.

Best things we've taught them that make our lives easier these days? How to climb up and slide down the stairs goes on the top of the list. They were doing stairs before they were even walking and to this day it's been great. With 3 floors in our house - this has made life much easier. 2nd has to go to saying 'please'. It has made them take a moment to think about what they want and how to ask for it which in turn has eliminated a lot of whining and crying in the process. I think 3rd place would have to go to Titi and teaching them how to put their jackets on. They don't always do it themselves but they CAN and that's been a big help.

Food - the only thing we haven't really given them is fresh strawberries and we'll be doing that soon enough. The love to eat. Hailey eats the most but takes the longest to eat. Hannah & Hailey are really good about trying new foods. Emily has to be offered something 8 - 10 times before she'll even try it! They love fruit and meat and they also like lollipops ;-)

They LOVE music. They will dance and sing to anything that has a beat to it and there's not a day that goes by when we don't have music playing in the house. They also like Sesame Street and love to see Elmo and Big Bird. We limit their TV (I don't like it at all - Pete likes it but knows the importance of limiting screen time).

They have babies they take everywhere and if I had to choose a favorite toy for each of them - hands down it would be their cell phones. They each have 'real' cell phones that are no longer connected and the absolutely love to 'talk on the phone'. They are girls after all.

Sleep is still good (when they're not sick). They still take a 2 - 3 hour nap each day and sleep about 11 hours at night. They usually are in bed by 7 and up by 6 or 7 the next morning. Naps are usually between 11 and 12. They still go to bed with no problem (again...if they're not sick).
We still don't have blankets and pillows in their cribs and I'm not sure when we'll do that but I'm just not ready yet. I'm thinking maybe when we switch them over to toddler beds.

They love each other like sisters. They fight like crazy and defend each other like I've never seen. The tell on each other ('Uh oh - Emmie!') and they also conspire against mommy & daddy.

They are the best soon-to-be 2 year old toddlers ever. And we love them with all our hearts.

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