Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24

I'm slacking on the pics on the girls blog. We'll get back into the swing of things soon. Until then - I'll answer some questions. Some from the blog and some from the email.

How do I keep their hats and glasses on? I don't. They do. I have been putting hats and glasses on them since the beginning of last summer. I figured if they got use to it early enough -they wouldn't know any different. It seems to have worked. They love wearing them because it keeps the sun out of their eyes...which they don't like at all. (Try driving 20 minutes into the sun every morning for a week and hearing 'Sun eye! Sun eye! Sun eye!). LOL - I didn't care how much the hats and glasses cost - it was worth every penny!

How do I/we get out of the house on time everyday? Teamwork. I get a lot ready at night. What I don't get ready at night - Pete picks up on in the morning. If one of us is having an off day...our morning is rough. Lately - the mornings have been rough.

What frustrates me the most about having triplets? Not being able to hold them as much as I want. Not being able to have one on one time with them. It's frustrating to me but I know they don't know any different. They'll have each other as best friends for life.

How do I get through the day? Family and friends. I'm not dumb enough to believe that Pete and I are raising these triplets alone. We have a whole network of people that help. They might not be physically here watching the girls or helping clean up - but they help in other ways. Keeping us sane is part of helping for sure! You have no idea how much an email or text message can brighten up my day!!!

Last one for the night - Do Pete and I get any alone time together? Not much. And it sucks. But we had 13 years of alone time before having we have a bank of memories that we dive into and remember. And funny enough - we always say we wasted so much time when we didn't have kids! We know how much we can get done in a day now - but if you asked us that before having kids...we'd have said it was impossible. LOL

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