Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

One of the girls favorite things to do now is feed the ducks. Since I was home with them today I figured we'd get out and do something...and decided on a picnic at the park. But then they kept saying 'feed quack quack!'. So we detoured to a park that has a pond and ducks...never had our picnic because we ate in the car on the way there. It worked out well - we had left over food to feed to the ducks! Then we topped off the evening with a play date/dinner date. My brother Pete came over and brought Becca & our buddy Owen! They even brought all the stuff to make tacos! (Something we've NEVER made in our house before). And of course they were kind enough to bring huge popsicles for dessert too. ;-)

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  1. Your girls are very adorable, they brought joy to my eyes as i browsed through the blog. May God bless them :)