Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Christina!

What on earth was I thinking taking on one more toddler for a day?  I must have lost my mind for sure. 

Today was Christina's 4th bday.  So instead of her going to school we asked if she could spend the day with us.  We greeted her at the door with 6 presents, all were wrapped with the help of the girls, and they each were very excited to give the gifts to their cousin.   They weren't very expensive presents - but it was along the lines of what she wanted.  She wanted musical instruments - so we got her a train whistle, kazoo, piano horn (very cool), recorder, echo microphone and on the way to the register I couldn't resist grabbing the whoopee cushion!  Guess what she loved the most?  Yup - the whoopee cushion.

So the fighting began.  Everyone wanted the whoopee cushion or everyone wanted the piano horn, or everyone wanted the recorder......get where I'm going?  It didn't take long for me to find a bag to put her gifts in so that they would remain in one piece for her to bring home. 

Hannah & Hailey were fighting all day.  Emily & Christina were fighting all day.  Normally I have 2 fighting while one is playing quietly.  But today I have 4 fighting all day long.  It was lovely I tell you.  I might add that Christina was NOT at fault for anything of the arguing that went on.  Even if she was...she had immunity because today is her birthday :)

We went to story time at Barnes & Noble.  This is only the 2nd time we went.  The girls did ok while we were there.  They sat for the book (and listened because later they were able to tell me what it was about).  Then we had craft time there...they gave the kids paper, crayons and stickers.  Then it was over.  But Hannah says (ever so politely) "I want cookies mom!"  Remember - last week they got cookies because it was Halloween...a special treat for the kids.  But being our 1st time at story time - it set a precedence.  So don't EVER ask me to break our rules 'just one time' because this is PROOF that it only takes one time!!!! 
We did go to the cafe (I was prepared for this - I knew Hannah would remember) and we had cookies at the cafe. 

Then it was back home for lunch and naps.  At this point I was starting to realize that dance wasn't going to be a good idea because Emily really wasn't feeling well.  She's been a bit under the weather for a couple of days.  If we went to dance - I would have had to wake them up at 2:00 rather than letting them sleep for however long they needed.  So I cancelled dance class. 

Good thing cuz Hailey didn't wake up until 3:30 from her nap.  Hannah and Emily woke up around 2:45.  Christina slept as well but she only slept and hour.  But I used this hour to bake her a cake to take home with her for tonight. 

My mom came and picked her up and then the girls and I had dinner when Pete came home.  They took baths, drove us crazy, got some extra time awake because they just weren't so tired...and finally - at 9:30 they fell asleep. 

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