Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pic with Santa

It was a process.  Everything is a process.  But it's my life.  Santa is a scary guy - let's face it.  No one really likes him until we find out exactly what he's all about.  At 2.5 - the girls sure weren't about to just say "Hey Santa!  You're my new BFF!" 

How on earth was I going to get a pic with Santa?  I wasn't.  I had no intention of doing so.  I didn't even have $ on me to buy the pictures.  Because these are MY kids and no way are they going near the big guy. 

But we DID need xmas pictures and I DON'T have much $ and the mall DOES have a nice xmas scene.  So the girls and I got dressed (I wore a matching outfit just so they would think it was 'cool' to have jeans and black shirt...they hate wearing jeans).  It worked.  They were excited to match with mommy for the day.
Hurdle #1 done.

Off to the doc I went with the trio in tow - I had to get my wrist looked at.  They had to come with me.  The doctor only swore once (he said 'oh shit' but I don't remember why).  The girls were good - they only asked 309 times if this visit was 'just for mommy?  right mommy?  just for you?  not me?  no?' 
Hurdle #2 done.

To the mall we went.  Got there early - 1/2 hour before the mall even opened.  Found close parking.
Hurdle #3 done.   

Ate breakfast at D&D.  Full kids are happy kids.
Hurdle #4 done. 

By this point - we only stepped foot in the mall...D&D was right there.  We were already stopped a few times.  What I wasn't thinking about were mall walkers.  Who walks at the mall?  Yeah...moms with one baby in a stroller and old people.  Ugh
Starting to see how people are going to be a problem on this trip already.

Done eating, clean off the black shirts, wipe off the jeans, back in the wagon and head to the middle of the mall.  There is lots and lots of talk about Santa and how he's going to be at the mall today and we are going to wave 'from a distance' and say hello. 

We get to the middle of the mall and I park the wagon and the trio get out.  No one is around - we immediately start our photo op.  All 3 by the tree - click click click...wait - no no - don't look at the elevator honey - look at mommy.  Oh - everyone look at mommy! no - there's no one over there. click click. 

We move locations - only a few a new tree.  Click click click 'yes they're triplets' click click click, 'yes they're all girls' click 'yes my hands are full - so is my heart' click click click.  Not once did I take my eyes off camera or the camera off the girls.  Don't you get the point?  We're BUSY! 

Ok - I've got about 90 - 100 photos, we were interrupted about 5 times and the girls were winding down and not really wanting to smile for the camera any longer.  I'll call it a day - and I'm happy that I have a camera that takes quick shots...I'm sure there's one I can use. 

We are directly at the bottom of the escalator.  I'm kneeling down at the wagon putting the camera away.  All of a sudden I hear 'SANTA!' and I have 3 toddlers on TOP OF ME.  One is almost crying.  The MOM in me takes over.  I look up to see the Big Man coming down the escalator.  So I put on my happy face and start chanting 'OMG it's Santa!  I'm so excited!  Can you believe it?  It's really Santa!!!!  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!'  By the time Santa got to the bottom - all 3 of the girls were excited.  He saw their hesitation - gave us all a HIGH FIVE as he walked by and kept his appearance brief. 

It couldn't have been more perfect. 

The girls wanted more.  Let's go see him.  We walk around and see him sitting in his chair.  They want to get closer.  Ok - let's get closer.  No lines of course - the mall is just opening.  We walk through the 'snow globe' and move our way in to see him.  We're about 3 feet away.  Hannah & Hailey start to show their fear.  Emily walks over, gives him a once over, and jumps on up on his lap.  EMILY. 

The 1st few shots (which you won't see), I'm in the photo.  Kneeling down next to Santa while Emily is on his lap and Hannah & Hailey stand in front of him.  Hailey kept putting her hand over her face - so I had her hold hands with Hannah.  Then I said 'Oh - I have to move my camera...I'm just gonna scoot it over here' and moved away.  Click click click - and the wonderful staff get this shot.....................
Mission Complete. 

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