Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More fun!

I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night.  We went out for sushi and drinks...and let me tell you - I needed it!

Saturday Pete and I did the 'divide and conquer' technique so we could get some stuff done.  Then I took the girls up to cousin Christophers bday party.  It was a fun party - Christopher was LOVING all of the presents!!!!  We took our cousin Kaleigh back with us and she stayed here for a couple of nights.  What an amazing help that was!  It was like having a live-in mommy's helper for the entire weekend.  She played with them, got them dressed, read books to them, buckled them into their carseats...you name it and she helped with it. 

Sunday we hung out at the mall for a while (rainy day) and then Monday (after I worked for a couple of hours) we went to Bounce U.  They all enjoyed that of course.  Then Kate came to pick Kaleigh up last night :(    I'm really going to have to steal my cousins more often.  Not just for the help either...I had a blast playing Wii with Kaleigh! 

Today the girls are catching up on some much needed sleep.  They were cranky and tired!  I put them down for naps at 11:30...it's now 2:00 and they're still sleeping.  I'm sure they'll wake up soon but obviously they needed the sleep. 

If I only had the energy to tackle laundry.............

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