Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camera saga/update

An email came today that our camera would be fixed and returned to us (for's still under warranty). But I need my camera! I don't want to buy a 'back up' camera (who has $ for extra things like that?). For now...we'll just have to give an update on the girls.

They are still sick - somewhat. All are on antibiotics and though they're doing 'better' - Hailey still has a cough. I swear it takes forever for them to regain normalcy when they get it with a cold. It's frustrating to me more than them...they just go about their everyday activities of learning new things and acting as if nothing is wrong. But in the middle of talking or playing or eating...I can hear the cough, the sniffles, the congestion and I wonder 'when on earth are they gonna get better?!?!'.

They are talking SO MUCH lately. It's great. I love it...but there are some times when they say something over and over and over - and we just don't understand what they're asking for. And what's funny is that we can say 'What?' and they say the same thing, the same way and expect the same result. Hailey talks as if allofherwordsarecominedasone and we have to ask her to slow down.

They love to sing in the car (I'll do my best to post a youtube video of it soon...I took a video on my cell phone). I don't listen to the radio anymore when they're in the car - why would I when I have the singing trio behind me! Sometimes I'll hear Hailey say to Emily 'Emmie sing!' and then they'll start singing. It's sweet. Occasionally they'll ask me to sing...but not very often. And if I try to join in when not asked - they are quick to say 'No mama! No sing!' I get that I can't carry a tune if it were in a basket but who knew that at 2 y/o they could be so picky?! LOL

Potty training is going well. If it weren't so inconvenient to worry about finding a toilet in public - I think Hailey would be completely trained by now. She tells us when she needs to go and she'll go quite often on her potty. But to be honest - I'm not pushing it just yet. Plus she's such a peanut that none of her clothes would fit if she didn't wear a diaper!

I had to return 3 pairs of sandals to the store. They were pretty. They fit the girls. They were cheap. And I actually loved them. But the girls tried them on and said 'este no'. They didn't like the 'thing' between their toes.

Emily has a NEED to carry my car keys. She's obsessed with them! To and from the car - she must have my keys. So finally I bought them their own key chains and then Pete went to Lowes and bought them some Disney keys...he just didn't have them cut. So now they each have their own set of 'car' keys. And they carry them to and from the car - and they 'drive' the car with their keys. It amazes me how their little brains work.

Tonight we pretended to pick things up out of a book we were reading and we 'juggled' them. All of them went through the motions of juggling. Who does that?! They are so willing to just be in the's great.

Something else we do...when the girls get a 'boo boo' we throw it out. Sometimes I ask them to give me their boo boo so I can put it in my pocket and take it to work. Other times we take the boo boo, put it in the grass and stomp on it. And yet other times they will look at me and say 'No...I'm keeping my boo boo. I'm bringing it to grandma's house.'

I picked them up early yesterday. When I showed up and Hannah saw me at the door she said 'No mama! Mama go to work! Where's grandpa?!' She was totally pissed that I showed up before Pete's father came home so she could see him. She insisted I go back to work until she saw her grandpa. Every night when I put the girls to bed I tell them what we're planning to do the next day. When I say 'tomorrow we're going to grandma's house while mommy and daddy go to work. You're going to see grandma tomorrow.' Hailey says 'and Titi!' and then Hannah says 'And grandpa! Si, grandpa'.

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