Monday, May 31, 2010

Mystic Aquarium pics

READ BOTTOM UP!  I messed up the order of the post and did it backwards.  I'll learn one day...
The whale just couldn't get enough of them!

His face is literally smooshed up against the window trying to get a better look.  Maybe he's asking 'Are they triplets?!?!'

The crowd follows us!  Ok - maybe they were following the whale but since the whale was following us - so was the crowd of people.

Are they identical?

I can see you're eating gold fish and I want some!!!!

So we moved to another area so the rest of the crowd could get a chance to see the whale.  But as you can see - he followed us.

These kids jumped over the girls to get a closer look at the whale. (At the request of their parents who wanted to take a picture of them with the whale in the background).

He was just putting on a show for the girls! 
By this point - there was a huge crowd of people behind us.

I love your hat Hannah!

Can I have your juice Hailey?

High Fin! your language it's High Five...but I don't have five - just a fin. 
He swam around directly in front of us (there wasn't anyone around yet but us).

The whale actually turned around and came back!

Wait...he stopped when he saw the girls or the wagon - or something that caught his eye.

He swims by - lucky us to see him so close!

Wow!  Look at the whale!
We were just hanging out in the underground viewing area of the whale tank.  The crowd was elsewhere because the whales were elsewhere....

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