Thursday, March 26, 2009

Found 'em

We found our bottles. They weren't missing at all. Actually - mom stole them and put them on Ebay! What is wrong with our mother? Those were OUR bottles. Oooooh...she better watch out. We're gonna find something she loves and sell it!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily


  1. Haha...that is too funny! This is really mean but my sister told my neice who was way to hold to still have her paci that bugs came in the house and carried it away...she is terrified of bugs. So not only was she devastated I'm sure she thought the bugs were going to go come get her too! LOL

  2. Auntie Manda says THANK YOU sooooo much for her b-day gift, it was very sweet(litterally) and i loved it. I love All of you and you have 1 of the best moms and one of the best dads in the whole wide world.