Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still Sick!

We're still sick. Mommy and daddy are sick now too. It's ok - we're troopers and we'll get through it. We went for a walk yesterday - we had to get mommy and daddy out of the house. So we made them put us in the choo choo wagon and off we went! We headed to DQ - no ice cream for us though. So many people stopped to say hi to us! We love it. Uncle Joey came too - he had to, cuz he knows what's good for him.


Hannah, Hailey & Emily


  1. your girls look soooo cute in their little sun hats! I totally forgot to dig out hats for mine, oops bad mommy! I hope you guys all get back to feeling 100% asap!

  2. OUr boys just got that cho cho wagon for their birthday and love it too :-). Feel better