Monday, July 13, 2009


Hailey went to the doctor today. We can rule out strep, pneumonia, and a UTI. But we can't tell you what's wrong. She's lost weight - now only 16lbs 13oz. Ugh. She is such a peanut to begin with!!! But the good news is that for now - she's gone all day without a fever. If the fever comes back - the doctor will order some blood work. I'm going to get this kid F A T if it kills me. I'm going out to buy her donuts tonight...please insert instant conversation here between me and Pete. (I was thinking out loud as I was writing this...).
Me: I'm gonna go buy Hailey some donuts tonight.
Pete: Don't forget to buy me some! (the tone was that of a 2 year old who might not get something that someone else has....). Haha...I'm still laughing. He doesn't need donuts...but I'll buy him some too.
Anyway - basically we're on a 'wait and see' with what's going on. I'll be fine with this until her temp gets up there only 1 more time. Then the mama 'bear' comes out of hibernation.

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