Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend fun

This weekend Daddy went to VA and he left us here to take care of Mommy. We sure did do a good job too! On Saturday morning we pushed Daddy out the door and then we dragged mommy off to the grocery store. We had to make sure we had milk. Then we came home and we left mommy a list of things to take care of while we took a nap. When we woke up - Uncle Joey, Kristin, Auntie Lucy, Alex, Bri Bri and one of Bri's friends were all here!!! Then we went out in our swimming pool and splashed around in the water (well Hailey didn't - she preferred to be held by Auntie Lucy). Then later Uncle Joey cooked out on the grill and he stayed to help us brush out teeth, read books and get to bed.
Then Sunday Daddy still wasn't back (we missed him so much - we like when daddy comes to get us out of our cribs in the morning). We cooked mommy some oatmeal for breakfast and decided that was not gonna do it. We needed more food...it was gonna be a hungry day for all of us. So we texted Uncle Joey and said "Come on! We're going to Denny's!" So he said 'Ok - I'm on my way!!!!" But before he could get here do you know what mommy did??? She put us down for stinkin nap! It's ok though - Uncle Joey waited for us and when we got up he made sure we got to Denny's for our breakfast. Mommy called Auntie Lucy and so the whole crew of us ended up going out to eat. Then we went to the orchard and we picked FRESH PEACHES AND RASPBERRIES! Do you know what they tasted like? OMG THEY WERE SO GOOD! That was the best time ever! We got to walk right over to the tree and pull the peaches right off the branch and eat them! Just like that! Oh - and we LOVE LOVE LOVE raspberries. Oh yeah. Those are yummy. Then when we got home we were really tired so Uncle Joey and Kristin helped give us a bath and put us to bed again.
Daddy was here when we got up on Monday morning and we're not sure who was happier...us or Mommy. Cuz Mommy was pretty darn happy to see Daddy after he had been gone all weekend!
Pictures? Yeah - well - Daddy took the camera to VA with him so we didn't have it. Hopefully Auntie Lucy sends us some pictures and then we'll share them with you. We looked pretty cute picking Peaches...that's for sure.

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