Monday, September 21, 2009

We're no fool's

But mommy is on to us. You know how we only have a 'small' vocabulary? Well that's only because when we point and grunt (groan, oooh, ahhhh or any other primal sound you can think of) we get what we want. But this weekend one of us must have slipped up and actually said something she could understand. Now when we try to get something using our language she won't give it to us. She makes us use her language. Imagine her surprise when she heard us say 'bear, bunny, milk, yes, no-no-no (this is one word), mine, yeah, help, out, up, down, Big Bird, more, all done"...and in Spanish we're saying "leche (milk), sucio (dirty), si (yes), mas (more)". Yup...looks like she's on to us.

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