Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We have a favorite park that we have been going to this summer - and we finally made mommy push us down the twisty slide! OMG it's so much fun! We couldn't get enough of it! And we love just running in the open field too. Oh yeah - we also ran the bases on the baseball field. Mommy is teaching us early what way to run so we can kick some major butt on the ball field.


  1. ok mom what the giggles is with the pony tails! i miss u guys already, make sure u save some room on the slide for cousin christina n ext time she comes to visit, love u girls!

  2. love the pics!! my trio thinks slides are the best thing ever as well! looks like a great park!

  3. I love the french fry pictures! Those are my kind of girls!

  4. Scanning the pages and what do I see
    Why,it's the the Whotrain( http://www.afn.org/~afn15301/seussfiles/seusspics.html ) loaded with three
    There's the Hailey Who, & the Hanna Who, and even yes even the Biggest Who........Emmy !!!!!
    Chugging and tugging, sliding & riding, and just general running & funning!!!!
    Well, GOOD for you...Who!!!!
    I like that......Yooo Hooo !! Who....

    Grumpy Lorax !!!!