Wednesday, October 21, 2009

18 month well baby

But at 2o months. Lol...we said it would be late! The girls are doing very well. They're growing...although Hailey and Hannah are still peanuts and not quite on the growth chart. The important thing is that they're healthy.

We held off on the MMR and Varicella vaccines again. Still not ready. They did get the seasonal flu shot (not the H1N1). And I was prepared! I knew that they would cry and the last thing I wanted to see what their little lip pouting while looking at ME as if I was the one that hurt them. So a couple weeks ago Pete and I introduced........the DUM DUM POP! Oh yeah - it's the best thing in the world when you're 20 months old. So we got them hooked and then right after they got stuck (the tears were coming in waves) we unwrapped the pops and it was complete silence. Instantly. Then you heard the 'mmmmmmm' out of all of them. They hold their pop out to me and say 'POP POP!' and then stick it back in their mouth. worked like charm baby. They even said 'bye bye' to the doctor as we left.

Emily has a 'bump' on her head that needs to be removed. I'll get more technical terminology once we see the surgeon. We'll be seeing him the 1st week of November.

Hailey has a skin tag on her neck...or at least that's what we've always thought it was (the doctors told us that when she was born). But now the pediatrician is concerned that it may be a sinus that never closed? Not we're bringing her to see the same surgeon on the same day Emily goes. Emily has seen this doctor once before - this will really just be a follow up for me to get more information before she goes in for surgery.

If Hailey ends up needing surgery - I'm going to see if they can remove the nevus sebaceous that's on her head. She's been seen for it and the doctor said she'll need to have it removed before she starts school. Lots of 'we'll see' going on though. We won't be jumping into anything too quickly.

The girls vocab is still eh. They KNOW how to say words. They're just refusing to use them.

We bought them playdough, baby dolls, baby doll strollers, a baby doll pack-n-play and finger paint. They needed some revamping of new toys. And they LOVE their baby dolls and strollers. They are the proudest little mama's I've ever seen.

Oh - they're not sick anymore either. Lol...I've just been too busy to post anything of interest these past few weeks! Emily still has a rash but it's going away slowly.

We have a lot of pics that we haven't posted so I'll try to post them with a bit of background info on them this week. (I'll TRY). ;-)

For this post - just the pics of their new babies...and a pic of my babies.

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  1. I love the baby dolls and strollers so cute! and thanks for the tip on the dum dums I haven't tried that yet. do they Bite them? or do they actually suck on them? I would think my little piranha's would just try and bite them!