Monday, October 5, 2009


Ahhhh...time just gets by me these days. I haven't been updating the girls blog as often as I'd like but things are busy. We keep them busy. That's why we're...well...busy. Friday I took the day off thinking that Pete had the day off and Little Brother would be here with Kristin. Thinking. That's where I went wrong. Pete took only 1/2 the day off and needed to wait for someone to come look at a then broken, now fixed, baseboard heater. And once Little Brother found out I was going to be home...he went to work himself. So as not to waste a perfectly beautiful day with 3 perfectly beautiful babies...I packed them up and off we went. We drove to my cousin Jen's house to visit with her and her 2 boys (well one of them was in school but we stayed for a while so we were able to visit with him when he got home). The girls had so much fun with cousins 2 y/o little boy. And they ALL GOT ALONG. We went for a walk at one point and the girls saw cows for the very 1st time! But they didn't care. They were more interested in the dirt road and flowers. LOL

Saturday was raining all day. But we managed to get the girls out to breakfast with Lucy, Alex & Brianna before heading home for a nap. Then up and out to go play at MyGym (it was a free open house) and then a quick visit to Titi Rosemary at CVS (which is right next door to MyGym) and then grocery shopping. We finished all of this just in time to get home, eat dinner, take baths, brush teeth, read books and hit the hay!

Sunday we went to Church then up to MA to visit with more family. We had dinner at meme's with Gramps, Kate & Kaleigh, Jen & Christopher and of course...Meme! The kids all played outside on the play scape and except for one little 'mishap' with Hailey...everyone got along. Hailey thought the slide belonged to her and only her so when another little girl tried to go down Hailey literally screamed at her in some baby babble kind of way. I simply told Hailey to 'be nice!' before the little girl went down the slide at which point she said to me "that girl's crazy" and walked away. Poor thing...all she wanted to do was play and Hailey just thought she was the Queen of the play ground. Lord help me.

Ok - of course you want pics...and of course I have them (hundreds of them...literally!). Be patient...I'll try to get them up as the week progresses!

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