Friday, December 11, 2009

Potty Talk


  1. you are waaay a head of us! that's great about the poop on the potty! and awesome that you have already started training. I bought one potty a few weeks ago but have yet to bust it out. I am trying to figure out if i want to start with one at a time or buy two more pottys and do all three at a time. are you using pull ups or taking diapers off? how is it going with all three at once? UGH! I am so not looking forward to this...

  2.'s easier said than done if you take the 'whatever' approach. If they pee...GREAT! If not...that's fine too. I bought one - just to see if it would survive the trio torture. And it I went and bought 2 more (after they fought over who got to pee 1st). We're still in diapers and I know it's still early to think they would be trained any time soon. But - we introduced it and they like it...and that was my original goal. Now I think I'll start teaching them their colors and shapes while sittin' on the potty! LOL