Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa is coming!!!!!!!!

Have you heard? Santa is coming...and he's going to stop HERE! He is! He really really really is! Mommy said that we've been good enough for Santa to come and bring us presents. We saw him at Daddy's work and he said that he would bring us something but we can't remember what because we were too busy worrying about NOT sitting on his lap that we forgot what he was actually saying to us. We keep asking mommy what he's bringing but she said she doesn't know. How can she not know?!?! She seems to know everything else....
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

Dear Santa,
Don't you dare bring anything that requires watering, feeding, walking and/or petting. I promise to put it back in a box and ship it back to the North Pole. Don't bring a baby that pees, pukes, cries, needs grooming or diapering either. You see - I'm done with that and I certainly don't want my girls getting use to the idea of having a little one around. And Lord help us all if it accidentally cries in the middle of the night. So it's best if you bring those sort of gifts to someone else's home this year.
Mommy of Hannah, Hailey & Emily

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