Friday, December 4, 2009

Times 3

The girls vocabulary is still way behind schedule. But some words they seem to be saying A LOT lately are 'No No No' & 'Mine! Mine! Mine!' Yes - each word three times. All 3 of them. They are fighting over everything but they are also the best of friends and watch out for each other. Hailey claimed to be 'stuck' while sitting on top of an upside down laundry basket today. I knew better - I just watched her climb up onto the thing! But Hannah heard Hailey say she needs 'Hep' (help) and dropped what she was doing to go and help Hailey. She took her hand and helped her down. Then went back to the toy she was playing with like nothing happened. I pray the girls stay close forever and are always the best of friends.

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  1. Your girls are so cute. I love following your blog! My girls are almost 20 months old and are starting to really play together and love each other!