Monday, June 8, 2009 from mom

So this is life. I am a mom. I AM MOM. And that said...
We (as a family) may be discharged from our pediatricians office. Pete and I have decided that the girls WON'T be getting the MMR vaccine on their next visit. After a lot of thought, research and deliberation on our part we have decided to postpone this vaccine until the girls are at least 2 years old. I feel like this is a reasonable request on our part. However; upon calling the doctor's office to 'inquire' as to how they would feel about it and what their protocol might be if a parent decided to to delay a particular vaccine schedule, I was blasted by the nurse. I don't mean that she just talked to me like I am dumb. I mean she said things that were beyond unprofessional. I kept my composure and actually her attitude gave me the confidence I needed to stand my ground. I stayed calm and simply said 'ok - you're entitled to your opinion on the matter. I'd like to hear from the doctor to see what she might have to say about this as well.'. With that the nurse replied 'well - I can't tell you what to do. All I can tell you is what's best for your kids.' I'm sorry...did someone see this woman in the delivery room? I must have missed her face...with all the excitement and what not. Huh. So the very next day the doctor called...I let the voice mail pick up. Not for fear of talking with her - but because I was curious to see what I'd be facing. Yeah - looks like we'll be facing 'dismissal from the practice'. Dilemma? I think not. I did NOT call the doctor back as she requested. I NEED for the girls to be seen this month because they haven't been seen in almost 3 months and if I'm going to have to search for a new doctor...they'll need this next visit to tide us over. I can't/won't get into all the reasons that we've decided to postpone the MMR. It's not really important. What is important is that we made the decision together and not without a ton of research and questions and reading and emailing and so on. Plus...we're not saying that they won't ever get the vaccine...we're simply saying it won't be right now. The politics behind this...out of control. The insurance company, pharmaceutical company and doctors office - all have something to gain. Of course they do! But not at our expense. Sorry fellas! You've met your match here and I hate to be the one to break it to ya but I'm not caving. I AM MOM!


  1. Getting vacinations should be up to you and not the doctor. It is his/her loss that he/she is loosing your children as patients but don't worry, you will find another ped doctor for the girls. There is another lady who is not vacinating her children and her doctor is okay with that.


  2. yes you ARE MOM! I hate the whole vaccine debate it drives me INSANE I seriously was having nightmares about all those stupid shots for the first few months and then I decided after a TON of research I had to do what I felt comfortable with so we do ONE shot once a month and I didn't start that until the babies were 6months(4months adjusted). we are obviously pretty behind but I plan to have them completely vaccinated by time they start school and I am definitely holding out on the MMR until after 2 and I am hoping by then the separate shots will be back. So where I stand is I am NOT comfortable giving so many shots at one time and I am also NOT comfortable not having them vaccinated so I am just doing what I think is BEST and safest. you have to live with the consequences if something goes wrong not the Dr so do not let anyone pressure you into what is right for YOUR babies!

  3. Good for you on standing your ground! You have to do what you feel is right for your kids in your gut.

    We also chose to hold off on the MMR vaccine with our 2nd set of twins (I had no clue about all the vaccine debates when my 1st set of twins had their MMR shots). Our pedi kept insisting that having it done at the recommended age was fine but I just kept insisting that I would be waiting until they were 2 years old. That's the age we felt comfortable with. We also spaced out their vaccinations, which the pedi wasn't thrilled about but he respected our choices. I kept telling him that I'm not against vaccinations and my kids would be getting all their shots but on MY schedule (which I researched and felt comfortable with).

    I was happy with our choice to postpone the MMR. I'm sure things would've been fine if we had done it earlier but my gut just told me to hold off for a little while longer.

    Thanks for the follow on my blog! I'm following you back!

  4. We held back on the Chicken pox vaccine until our daughter turns four and will start preschool. I went in very nervous that the doctor would tell me no or make a fuss about it. then when I mentioned it he said alright and went on with the rest of the appointment. About two months later the pharmaceutical company that distributes the vaccine came out to the media and said that the vaccine was not effective and would have to be given again. That is just crazy. Who knows what they would have been pumping in to my 18lbs one year old.

    I hope everything works out.