Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not all Peaches & Cream

Little Brother and I were talking one day about how cool it's going to be for the girls to look back on this blog and read about their entire life in bits and pieces. And it got me thinking. I blog so much about all the good things in parenting. I don't want them to look at me when they're 17 and say 'Well it was easy for you...now I want to have kids!' Wow...imagine? So I'll refer them to this post and some videos that won't make it to youtube.

Here you go little one's...it's NOT all peaches & cream.

When all 3 of you were home from the hospital daddy and I were both home with you for 4 weeks. And we didn't sleep. You'll read about that in a previous post. When daddy went back to work - it was mommy that stayed home for 9 long months. I'd cry when daddy left for work and I'd count down the hours until he came home. Some days people came over and it helped. But I was the primary one there and let me tell you - you guys were demanding! It took me until you were 5 months old to get you on a schedule that worked for us. And once I got that schedule down - I would have a fit if someone tried to mess with it. And people did. Why? Because when you have kids everyone else around you will know what's better for you and your children than you do. Be prepared for this. As soon as you pop out a baby - everyone has an opinion about your life.

So you're 5 months old and you have a good schedule. We're finally able to get through a day with more laughter than tears. But it's constant battle to keep up. But we do it. Daddy comes home from work and takes over. Grammie gives you your bathes and people come by to visit. The house is a mess. There's no time to clean. All my time is spent keeping up, making bottles, changing diapers and let's not forget the trips to the doctors office. There were devlopemental specialist, your regular pediatrician, opthalmologist, orthopedist and in-home visits from a nurse and more developemental specialists. Sure this isn't the 'norm' for just one baby but do you think we planned on having 3 babies? Silly girls...of course we didn't. We wanted one at a time so we could spoil you rotten! But we soon realized that spoiling you with 'things' was going to be imposible. You have to expect the unexpected.

Budgeting is a major part of our household chores now. The cost of diapers, wipes, formula, baby food and now regular groceries is astronomical! Let's not forget how quickly you grow - mommy had to go buy you all new PJ's twice this summer. And winter is soon aproaching. That means winter coats and boots. Long sleeve shirts and pants. You all need new shoes already and the one's you have aren't that old. You see...babies grow. And as parents we have to keep up with our children's growing needs. Mommy & Daddy don't buy new clothes or shop like we used to. We would go to the mall and buy new outfits and spend spend spend! But now we spend $ on you. And we don't mind...it's fun to shop for you. But we spent many years shopping for ourselves and got it out of our system.

Movies, eating out, concerts - no more. Sure you might have a job and you might have some extra $ to spend but you have a baby. You can't be out all night...you still have to get up in the morning!!! You can't sleep until noon just because you got home late.

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