Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend fun and pics

We're going to finally post about last weekends events/fun/pics since we're sick this weekend and there won't be much to talk. We did manage to splash around in rain puddles outside this weekend with mommy, daddy and uncle Joey. And we went to feed the ducks yesterday with mommy. She said we were driving her crazy and needed to take us somewhere. We also all went to the doctor yesterday. Hailey & Emily have colds, Hannah has croup (again). Blah.

Moving on - last weekend we had a big summer bash up in MA with all our family from up there. It was a big birthday party for all the kids. It seems to be easier to get together for one big party instead of a bunch of little ones. And what a party it was! We had tons of fun...and the weather was beautiful! We played in the pool, in the ball pit, with our cousins, with the dogs, with Grampa, our Great Gradma - (and her identical twin - they look so much alike we couldn't tell them apart!). It was just a whole bunch of fun. Uncle Joey and Kristin came with us too. Oh - and our cousin Kaleigh Rose has a trampoline! We didn't go on it though...mommy said 'no way'. We made plans with Uncle Joey to go back when mommy's not around. He'll let us jump on it.

Sunday daddy wasn't feeling well so mommy took us to the diner for breakfast. When we got there...Grammie and Poppie showed up! We just love going out to eat for breakfast. It's our favorite meal of the day. And boy do we know how to eat! We had French Toast, pancakes, eggs, rye toast, cream cheese, potatoes & milk. YUMMY!
We'll put more pics up throughout the week. We took lots and lots of pics at this party!!!

Adios for now!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily


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