Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's been a busy week for us. Grammy is still in the hospital, mommy starts her new job AND school on Monday, Uncle Joey starts school on Monday (and doesn't work anymore...more fun days with Uncle Joey!!!) and just this morning we woke up and LOOK WHO WAS HERE!!!!!!!! That's right - it's COUSIN CHRISTINA!!!! Auntie Manda, Uncle Erick and Cousin Christina came for an unexpected visit and they're gonna be here a while!!!!! So - we might not post a whole bunch but we'll try to keep you updated as much as we can. We're gonna be busy trying to get used to all the changes. Oh yeah - we also went to see Elmo yesterday with Alex and Brianna...and that was amazing. We had a great time and took a ton of pics...we'll get those up eventually. Oh we can't wait to see what Cousin Christina has learned that she can teach us...she's so grown up and we bet she knows lots of new things!!!!!!!!!!!!

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