Friday, April 3, 2009


Rather...the lack of. As you can see we haven't been great about putting up new pictures lately. Why? Well - mommy seems to think that she needs to have a better camera. So instead of finding a new camera and buying it - she SOLD our camera on eBay. Then bought a new on at Best Buy. But...she didn't like the one at Best Buy so she made daddy return it (which cost $ because there's a 15% restocking fee). Then she bought one on Guess what? She's not thrilled with that one either. So the search goes on. We have some pictures but we'll have to pry the camera out of mommy's hands to put them on the computer. She wants to return this one now but really...we need a camera! We keep telling her we're perfect anyway so no matter what she uses to take our picture - it will be just fine.
Have a good weekend!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily

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