Monday, April 20, 2009


The one clean, spotless, organized, never to be left a mess place in the house is...the girls bedroom. They have a huge room - plenty of space for all 3 cribs, an armour, dresser & bookcase. They have a walk-in closet that we keep filled with diapers, wipes, clothes and extras. THEY have space. THEY have tranquility. Well - I needed to use some of that space this weekend. I put 4 baskets full of laundry in their room on the floor. No big deal - they don't crawl around in their room...they sleep in there and that's it. Last night Hannah is screaming at the top of her lungs. I'm thinking she's over tired due to no afternoon nap and a long day. She'll go to sleep. Still screaming. I go in to make sure there's not something horrible happening - the way she was screaming it sounded bad. I walk in, pick her up and she stops crying instantly. She looks at me then looks at the laundry, points to the baskets on the floor and proceeds to say 'Uh Oh, Uh Oh'. Are you kidding me? Do I need one more person telling me that I have failed as a mother because the laundry isn't folded once again???? OMG! She went right back into her crib where she cried herself to sleep. This morning I went to get her and she was her usual happy-go-lucky self when I picked her up. Once again she pointed and said 'Uh Oh'. Guess what's on my agenda tonight? Yeah - laundry. She's made it very clear that their room is off limits to my never ending saga of laundry proctastination.


  1. Oh that's too funny!!! Laundry is impossible to keep up with, and someday your little gilrs will have compassion for all the laundry you did for them :-)

  2. This is hilarious! Mine can't say Uh-oh yet so that is so cute. And don't worry about the laundry...I don't! :)