Monday, April 6, 2009


On Sunday we went for a walk in our choo choo and a bunch of people came over to visit us. Auntie Lucy, Alex and Bri Bri came. Uncle Pete and Melissa were here. And of course - Uncle Joey and Kristin. When we came back from our walk - there was a SNAKE hanging out in our little garden area. A SNAKE! We let mommy take pictures while we watched to make sure the snake didn't try to bite her. We had a plan that if it tried anything - we would tell Uncle Joey to save mommy. It was a good plan - but luckily we didn't have to put it in play.

Camera update: mommy isn't thrilled with the new camera but daddy put his foot down and said we're keeping this one.

Brady update: He made it through his surgery and is in recovery. Thanks for all the prayers for him. He's a special little boy that needs as many people praying for him as posible.

Enoy the snake pics!


Hannah, Hailey & Emily

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  1. did you have to put the snake pictures up? i exited out of the blog so quick, but wanted to see other pictures so i had to scroll with my eyes closed.