Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend fun

The weekend was fun. Isn't it always? Friday's start the weekend for us (Uncle Joey is here every Friday...nuff said). The pic is what we learned/reviewed while he was here. It was a tough lesson but the 3 of us managed to pull off an A+ at the end of the day. Saturday we went to Kohl's looking for some fall clothes that were on sale. It was a bust. Nothing for the fall was on sale - therefore...mommy didn't buy us any clothes. We tried to explain to her that she had a 30% off coupon but she said "It's not about how much you save - it's about how much you spend." Whatever. We don't understand 'reason' yet - maybe one day we'll get it. Moving we went to the grocery store. Again - we won't get into the things we bought (didn't buy) due to mommy's 'cost saving techniques' but we had fun. We're into eating so much more food now too. On the menu today:
Breakfast: 4 pieces of French toast, watermelon & milk
Snack: Graham crackers, 1 Yo Baby Yogurt & milk
Lunch: 2 PB&J's, 1 banana & milk
Snack: (this was enjoyed in our wagon right after the grocery store) 1 all natural fruit bar some very yummy all natural cheesy puffs & juice! (usually we get milk...but we were out
so we had juice).
Dinner: Ziti (so much fun to put on our fingers!) with mom's 'special' sauce & milk.
*mom's special sauce is a bit of all natural pasta sauce mixed with a jar of baby carrots*
I'm sure you can imagine that by the end our days we're quite exhausted. We spend so much time learning new things that it wipes us out!
Well - we hope everyone else has a great weekend.
Hannah, Hailey, & Emily


  1. HEY!!!!!
    No poker BEFORE your homework!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Sounds like you cuties had a great weekend!!