Monday, May 4, 2009


Pete: "Is a new dishwasher an acceptable gift for Mother's Day?"
Me: "Absolutley."
Our dishwasher broke over the weekend. The only way you know you have a broken dishwasher is if you go to run it and it doesn't work. If you try to run it - it's full of dirty dishes. I spent way too much time washing dishes this weekend. Guess how much laundry I got done?


  1. Ouch! I feel your pain. It's amazing how much you can miss a dishwasher. Hope you get that Mothers Day gift :)

  2. Nice, I would say that is a great gift as well!

  3. Pete IS the diswasher! Put that boy to work!
    Hahahaha, Happy Mommy Day

  4. I could not get by w/out a dishwasher. btw - I have to tell you that I always giggle when I see your girls' names because they remind me of my girls' name - Allie, Anna and Emily!