Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're here

It's hard to put up stuff on the blog when we're so busy. We've been working really really really hard on walking. We can stand up on our own it's just so scary to move our feet. We usually just fall forward and hope someone catches us (then laugh our little butts off). Mommy put shorts on us today cuz it's gonna be 90 degrees outside. We didn't know what to do cuz we're not use to wearing shorts. When mommy put us on the floor we ALL looked down at our legs and then back at mommy. We were trying to communicate "what is this all about?" but she didn't seem to understand us. We rubbed our legs a bit and moved on. Looks like we'll be trying to walk a bit more today so we don't have to crawl around on our bare little knees. Oh...and tomorrow we're going to Mystic Aquarium. Mommy says there are dolphins and penguins and a whole bunch of animals that we read about in our books. How exciting to see these things for real huh? We'll be sure to update you on this little expedition!
Hannah, Hailey & Emily


  1. Well, I'm jealous!!!!
    Bring your fish poles!!!! LOL

  2. Funny what kids do.

    My girls were upset that I had shorts on - they couldn't figure that one out.

  3. have fun at the aquarium! I wish we had one around us! your girls will love it i'm sure!