Sunday, May 3, 2009

Missing - Shoes and Choo Choos!

As you can see in the picture - mommy bought us some shoes. Hannah told me (Hailey) that she didn't like wearing hers. So like the good sister I am...I threw one of her shoes in the garbage when no one was looking. Problem solved. *And there really is only one white sandal left. Sad*

Also - we've been told (and mommy read it too) that the choo choo wagon has once again been discontinued. We're lucky we got ours when we did! Mommy saw it online one day when we were only 3 months old and she HAD TO HAVE one. So she called a million stores (we've heard the story so many times that we know it had to be that many stores) until she found one. Not only did mommy find one - but being the bargain shopper that she is...she talked the owner into giving her a discount. Well whatever it cost...we say it was worth every penny!!!


The choo-choooooing-shoe-shenanigan-pulling Divas

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