Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Toys Please!

Well...we were thinking that it would cost a whole bunch of $ to buy a new dishwasher. And we were also thinking that maybe if we found a way to fix the dishwasher - mommy would take that $ and buy us new toys instead! So when daddy came home, we told him what to do and he fixed it! Really...it's fixed. Mommy, are you gonna go to Toys R Us and buy us new toys now?

Also - in the pics you'll see we were out choo chooing this weekend. And yes...we each have our own phone. You see - Uncle Joey always lets Emily hold his phone which plays music. Well when he's not around we still want our music so daddy put music on his & mommy's phones. BUT...we each need our OWN phone to hold. Yeah - mommy went looking and found some old cell phones and this is how we ride. Each with our own phone, own juice cups, license plates on the back of our choo choo...we're good to go. Oh - and no...Hailey doesn't need to be 'adjusted'. This is how she prefers to chill.


The we-fixed-the-dishwasher-so-buy-us-new-toys toddlers


  1. hey do their hats have ties?? I have been looking everywhere for hats that tie under the chin because mine wont keep their darn sun hats on! Where did you find yours?

  2. It's how Hailey likes to "pimp her ride"!

  3. I love how Hailey sitsin her chocho... hilarious!