Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair do's...DON'T!

What is wrong with our mother?!?! Look...just LOOK at what she did! Daddy only left for a few hours! We didn't think we'd be subjected to such horror in his absense. She must have lost her mind. Has she not seen just how cute we are in hats? Hats are fine...just fine with us. No need to put our hair up in fancy shmancy thingie dingies that require us to sit still for more than 15 seconds. No need! Oh we're still trying to recover from the abuse.
The don't-you-dare-touch-our-hair girls
(Please note that I was smart enough to make sure mommy didn't even attempt to come near me during this psychotic break of hers. Hailey)


  1. LMAO!!!!!
    Just ask your Mommy to use the way way back memory machine and THINK about having her hair BRAIDED each and every morning!!!!!!!!
    ( I think she'll go back to the hats QUICKLY!!!!)

  2. oh but you girls look so sweet and adorable in those bows!!!

  3. Hannah, love the "mommy, you're crazy look"! I love the hats anyway girls : )

  4. girls you should tell mommy that whatever she wants to put in your hair, she has to wear 1st for no sgorter than 15 mins! guarantee it won't land in your hair next!!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!