Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks Gramps!

Dear Gramps,
Mommy said you sent some $ so we could buy 'whatever'. We went shopping and mommy put POTTY SEATS in the cart! What?!?! No way...we made daddy put them back on the self and we put THESE cool chairs in the cart instead. ( was OUR $ to spend!!!!).
Thanks a million Gramps cuz we sure do love our new Tinkerbell chairs!
Your seat-sittin'-chair-readin'-tinkerbell-lovin' granddaughters


  1. hey girls its auntie manda here, i know i have been slacking on leaving you some posts but i am so proud of all of you. all 3 of you are getting so big and so smart. make sure u r nice to mommy tomorrow cuz its mothers day and she deserves it! she has been a great mommy, potty seats or not! u know those potty seats are pretty fun, you should give them a try :-) i would give u cousin christinas but she is a big girls and still uses her potty, and auntie manda has to clean it! EEWWWWWWW!! good job on the reading keep it up, i know u already have lots of books but maybe auntie manda will send you some kewl books with big pictures and words. i have to ask cousin christina if she is done with it, i think she is but she will get mad if i don't ask her 1st. she loves sharring with you girls you know. she loves you so much she smiles everytime she hears you talk. well its late and auntie manda needs to get some sleep. i love you all and i miss you very much, tell mommy to choo choo you to virginia so i can see u. good night kisses to everyone

  2. Well, I hope you girls will enjoy them!! I've got to admit, your idea was much better!!!
    Love Ya Bunches!!!

  3. Love the chairs! And remember, sometimes you have to put mommy in her place when she does stuff like try and buy you potties instead of something fun!!